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Why is PvE Sooo Hard, or is it?

Commons-only including the common hybrids sounds fine to me.
Common hybrids aren’t all that difficult to evolve, given the short hatch and creation chamber times.
But at the end of the day, those who’ve invested time and effort to develop their legion of dinos shouldn’t go unrewarded much less punished for their hard work and consistency.
A variety of restricted and unrestricted tourneys sounds to me like a good way to go.
Newbies expecting to scale Everest 3 months in are naive, unrealistic and incredulous.
Fighting AI addresses this well, I think, since we aren’t fighting one another.
You gotta clear certain thresholds to make it to predator or dominator leagues.
Takes grit and grind to get to those thresholds and beyond.

If they had a commons only tournament hybrids or not you would be looking at a true grind. Since the cool down is so short instead of the standard ten battles a day needed to stick in Dominator you would be looking at probably 30-40 based on the shortened cool down. This would turn into a true grind of a tournament and again it would favor those that have paddocks like this:

where over time we have the commons maxed out as much as they can go.


You all make good points.

For my part, I enjoyed the game more when the arena was a supplement to the park, rather than the park being a supplement to the arena. However, the arena almost certainly makes more money than the park. People will pay money to get better fighting dinosaurs. The collectors and dino-nerds like myself probably don’t. Science isn’t as sexy as combat.


I agree, but that’s why as I said, you’d probably have to lock down how often people can play in some way. I think it’d actually make a nice change of pace to have a tournament where you are only allowed to play a set number of times each day, or something along those lines. So if you run through your entire lineup of dozens of commons, you’d be locked out of playing again until the next day. That would make it really an even test of player skill for the most part.

And no one is suggesting such a big change to ALL the tournaments. Definitely people that stick with the game a long time should absolutely have events as well where they benefit from that.

No idea if the developers listen to our ideas anyway, but it’s fun to speculate regardless!

@KenO - I think the paradox of how to get good creatures is partly why the aquatics in particular are challenging. They seem to show up in a lot fewer places in the game, or at least, at a far lower frequency, and since the lowest levels of them are super rare, that makes it really hard for newer players to level them up even when we DO get them unlocked. But most of them are unlocked only at high levels or via special events. So even though I have specifically done a LOT of aquatic PvPs, and never failed to do any of the events, of the 20 or so aquatic species I’ve been able to get, less than half of those are unlocked, and for ALL of them, the DNA costs is exorbitant for someone at my level, particularly to get them past level 30. Likewise while I’ve used PvPs as one of my primarily ways to find and build up my roster of land and even Ceno dinos, until you are at a much higher level, getting super rares is much harder particularly off the Intermediate wheel. Landing on the occasional gold pack and VIP gold pack purchases have been one of my few successes, but the aquatics are still a rarity in those as well.

Which is why I think Ludia already anticipated this and went first with the rare-only Jurassic tourney. A super-rare-only Jurassic has one major problem in that there’re currently zero hybrid amphibs in that category. But then again, didn’t we just have an aquatic super-rare-only where there were no surface hybrids? I suppose the best way to find out is for Ludia to test various options.

Please confirm for me: Evolving my Diplosuchus to level 40 would certainly help build up my overall amphib bench (it’d be nearly equivalent to my Ostaposaurus 30). However, would that then severely skew any Rare-only PvE – so much so that I’d be better off leaving it at level 10? The same could be said for my Tapejalosaurus, Carnoraptor, and, to a certain extent, Pachyceratops.

You would want your other hybrids to be in close proximity. Or at least close.
Here is my Rare bench:
I could easily make a level 40 but I have not because of the following reasons:
1 I have legendaries that fill the role that a level 40 Diplosuchus would be at.
2 The level 20 Diplosuchus is a tournament staple for me.
3 The cool down time on the level 20 is vastly superior to the equivalent level 20 or level 30 Legendary hybrid that is close to the same ferocity.