Why is PvP Broken?

I tried to battle on PvP this morning and all of my matches are either glitched/bugged or Timed out.
Here’s one of the bug I faced on PvP the countdown appears and then disappear…:-
Here’s the video:-https://photos.app.goo.gl/L4LGHNHd5SNrcyPw5

I’m sorry you were having trouble connecting to your PVP matches this morning, Hemanth_Vemulapalli. Could you please try restarting your internet connection and see if that helps?

If you’re still having this issue, please reach out to our team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key, and our team would be happy to try and assist you further.


Please ludia, stop trying to answer each problem individually… The problem is global since the update… All of us have problem, game is so slow… Look at your own problem before asking us to look our connection


A really big big problem.

We all want to win, but the problem, the real one is that matches are way unbalanced. The high amount of 5% crits is ridiculous, the amount of times any SIA creature hits with a crit is absurd.

Then, the other problem. Balance. You can still be matched with really low o really high rivals.

The problem is today I climb 500 trophies… tomorrow I am thrown from the hill 600.

I don’t mind losing at all. What bothers me is the way I lose. 1/20 matches I play are “fair”.

This means RNG abuse (crit chance absurd as mentioned above), matchmaking fully in favor on me (a poor guy 500 trophies below suffers always) or matchmaking fully disadvantaging me without having any chance to defend myself.

Same. I faced big boosted dino’s since beginning of the new season, and I’m only around 5200. Last season best score was 5500, so that a bit weird.

Absolutely love that comment. Appreciate that👍🏻

And it’s not only me… Many from our own alliance hve the same issue I have shown you in my video. And also ppl who I know has it too…

Actually, not everyone has it anymore. For me, this update actually fixed it. I no longer get the blank screen glitch. But if you can get a lot of people’s point of view, then we can try and get Ludia.

There is a thread called something like “game is worse than ever” that goes into a lot of detail on this issue. It’s being caused by the change at the top trickling down.

Yep. It’s already hitting gryo and upper library