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Why is Quetzorion getting a pass?

A lot of players here are complaining about Ardentismaxima being too OP, but in my opinion, Quetzorion is the more egregious offender. The fact that Sidestep already guarantees a 100% dodge to all non-Resilient Moves is completely ridiculous in and of itself, but that it lasts as long as it does renders all non-Resilient moves kind of mute. On top of that, it’s Long Invincibility just renders Resilient attacks into non-damaging speed debuffs, which Sidestep can immediately cure itself of anyway!

It can’t be distracted nor bled. It’s lack of stun resistance is irrelevant since nothing aside from Thor, Allosinosaurus, Monostegotops, Utahsinoraptor, Utahrinex, or Stegoceratops have decent Stunning abilities, and even then unless any of them have some insanely high attack stat, or Queztorion is already basically dead, you’re still only going to do about 34% of the damage you would have normally done. And even then you’re still not 100% guaranteed that it will actually be stunned.

And sure, you can do some Rending damage to it. But again, if it’s already set up a Sidestep, that 50% resistance, combined with a 100% chance to dodge 66% of the damage that will land, means that it’s not going to do a whole lot unless Quetzorion was basically already a corpse.

Am I doing something wrong here? Because I really feel like Quetzorion is way too powerful, and is even more of problem than Ardentismaxima.

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Tenontorex and Tryko are keeping Quetz in check. That’s why resilient moves are around.


I don’t think that’s enough though. If you’re unlucky enough to draw either of those, or your own equally good Quetzorion, it’s basically the same as going up against Ardentismaxima without a bleeder or something with DS abilities.

Considering this game is completely based on luck then it only seems fair that it comes down to luck whether you draw the right counters or not.

This constant nerf OP creatures is so boring. I like the fact some creatures have only a few counters, it’s called a challenge.


At least I got my Magna. Also, you can draw Gemini or Ardentis and fight Quetz. (or at least that’s what I do).

You’re right. My apologies for thinking that the Sidestep and Long Invincibility combination is way too strong. [[Redacted]] they get taken down a notch, after all, because without a 100% Dodge or basically a 2 turn invincibility Queztorion would be a far less challenging dinosaur all of a sudden.

After all, we all know it’s only a dinosaur’s abilities that make a battle challenging, right?

And of course, who cares about the players that don’t see enough of the hybrid ingredients necessary to make Quetzorion’s counters!

We did lose both Unique non-priority stunners this update, so we could certainly do with more (Greater Stunning Rampage is nowhere to be seen).


I would gladly settle for more creatures with Greater Stunning Rampage, especially Uniques, if Sidestep being taken down to 75% Dodge at the most or many of the creatures who lost their DSR getting it back is too much to ask.

That at least would make the field a little more even without making Quetzorion “weaker”.

Sidestep doesn’t need taking down, there’s plenty of resilient attackers and counter-attacks that can resolve that issue. The only thing considered as an issue is the shield.

But this to me just feels like because everyone’s ganging up on Max and Tryko lets gang up on something else… what’s the next one gonna be? Tenonto?

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That first part is really all I’m asking for. If Sidestep doesn’t get any changes, at least knock down the shield to a normal Short or Long Defense, or Instant Shield. At least some non-shattering damage can get through those, without making Quetzorion any less effective.

As far as what people will gang up on next, idk. There’s still going to be who complain over something that’s really nothing, but until the shields get changed, or a lot of creatures receive some decent Stun moves, I feel that Quetzorion should be getting at least some of the ire directed at Maxima and Tryko. Because at least they can be bled if they get their shields up, if nothing else.

Orion gets absolutely crushed by Maxima, Tryko, Dio, Gemini, Tenonto etc.
Sure, most of time he can use NR, but is 3000 non-piercing damage that much?
Besides, I use Orion and I think he’s on the worse half of my team. He’s made to counter speedsters, but the number of viable endgame speedsters is smaller than ever before


Apart from questionable resistances, I’m pretty sure the main problem here is the change in the shield and evasion turn system, since bleeders still aren’t that common in the arena yet.

Now if Quetzorion uses Sidestep, it basically gets a free dodge for the next turn before it attacks, meaning Instant Charge and SIAs are barely going to put a dent in it. If you Decelerate a Quetzorion that used Sidestep with a non-resilient move, it’ll similarly be able to dodge the next attack too.

Then there’s Long Invincibility. If Quetzorion is faster, and you Decelerate it while the shield is up (a very common scenario) the shield effectively lasts for 3 turns. That extra turn makes a big difference against most resilient creatures.

Most shield-breakers can take Quetzorion down. All you have to do is wait for it to attack and use a shattering Rampage, and then it’ll be a basic attack away from death.
I haven’t had any problems with it myself, but I’m playing devil’s advocate here. I can see why Quetzorion might be very hard to take down in specific situations.


In my particular case, since neither my Ardentis nor Dio are boosted and they’re lvl 29 and lvl 30 respectively, and most of the Orions I go up against do around 3,500 damage (factoring the armor in), it kind of does.

Though to be completely fair, I’ve only used Dio against Orion about two or three times and my Maxima has never go up against one.

The other aforementioned dinosaurs I just don’t find enough of their ingredients of to make them reliable at this point, nor do I have anywhere near the amount of boosts necessary to make my Maxima and Dio more powerful . I’d be singing a different tune if Mammolania still has it’s DSR, since that one I have sitting pretty at lvl 28 with some boosts in it, or if Indoraptor also had its DSR, and the only reason it still has it’s boosts is because I’m waiting to see if it gets buffed and because I don’t currently have anything strong enough to replace it.

In those particular instances, that’s on me. But I still think the Shield and Sidestep abilities it has are too strong and at least one of them should be brought down a peg.

Are you really complaining about a creature that only has 2 attack moves? Oh and its rampage has a 2 turn cooldown. So you wont ge doing any damage for 2 turns unless you use the strike attack. Chillax guy. I took Quetzorion off my team. Its easy to beat if you try.


I completely agree. I’m sick of the “constant nerf” ‘OP’ creatures.

Ppl need to try using counters before they come her an whinge about things. I’ve had my Orion destroyed plenty of times.


We tried using counters to maxima. Only 1 is endgame viable (alloraptor has an exclusive ingredient and could potentially get a hybrid). So we are forced to waste our precious team slots just to beat this 1 dino. That is not balanced. There are only 3 dinos that can beat maxima without going down as well.

I’m thinking of dropping Orion from my Team since it doesn’t do anything against Tryko, Ardent, Dio, Tenonto, Gemini… And thats the meta for me. There are nearly no Indos or Erlis.

Quetzorion is probably the third best speedster behind mags and phorasaura because it can be slowed. The best creatures in the game are maxima and tryko. Both can break shields and both bypass evasion. With null rampage getting nerfed this patch, quetz isn’t anywhere near the level max and tryko are. We live in a tanky arena, and if you’re a speedster that can be slowed, you’re not gonna do well unless you have a tried and true gimmick


I know you like the increased odds of winning with your OP creatures, but many people want a game that’s fair, and maybe somewhat balanced?

You know nothing about me or my team. All I see here is you attacking me.

What you don’t seem to understand is that a game like JWA cannot be FAIR and BALANCED. It is totally impossible.