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Why is Scorpios Rex bigger and better than Indoraptor?

In the Jurassic Franchise Indoraptor was a later more perfected version of Indomonous Rex and was also bigger than scorpios Rex so why is scorpios Rex so much bigger and better than Indoraptor and Indoraptor Gen2 combined?

I got a better one for ya. Why is TRex, the face of Jurassic franchise, completely pulverized by Dodos?


Good question. (Shrek)

Ikr XD I guess because it looks cool? XD

Size in the game has already been quite messy I think, and so has everything else but it’s the jurassic franchise, bumpy is smaller than a raptor, spino is I think as big as a brachio, scorpius is the size of a rex, etc


And indoraptor is the size of a galli cough-cough

Yep, that’s jwa logic for ya


However Indoraptor should be better lol but its so much worse

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Hey friend did you know there is an imposter claiming to be you spamming?


Because the dodo is a god like, all powerfull, highly advanced being, capable of destroying planets

It’s one of the strongest beings in the known universe, 2nd only to the lystrosaurus

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Yes Lystro OP and needs to come to jwa

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I never considerd a creature being in a movie to be a valid reason for it being strong

Also heres the thing SR g3 is defenetly on the much stronger side of uniques, and isn’t too easy to make (so the lower arenas aren’t flooded with them)

Indo on the other hand is disrespectfully easy to make, if the thing was stronger then SR g3 is now, high aviary would be hell


If that is your logic of the game chickens should not beat long necks then it is Jurassic World Alive, any creature can beat whatever because it is a game and escapes the logic of the movies and real life.

Guys, nothing of this matters… One day, Indoraptor was one of the strongest in the game. But you can’t have that forever, it’s not good for business, both financially and for custumer’s appeal

SR3 is not that hard to make either, or we wouldn’t have thousands at level 30 in a couple of weeks. I myself have mine at level 27 and I didn’t make any effort for that… But it’s still a new toy. It’s still fresh… Once it ceases to be, it will get nerfed into oblivion like Indo. And that’s life.

I’m in high aviary it is hell but also S Gen-3 is pretty easy components apart from Gorgo but indo Gen2 Jesus Christ that thing is hard to make and kinda needs a buff not to the old days kinda op or actually around that but not that bad do to the ridiculousness of S-Gen3

Yep, and I believe that issue has been resolved at last