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Why Is Scorpius Rex Gen 3 Labeled As A "Gen 3" Instead Of A New Named Hybrid?

This has been bothering me and I was wondering if I was alone?

Scorpius Gen 3 follows the same suit as any other Super Hybrid yet it is titled Gen 3.

Shouldn’t this have a name of it’s own or mix Scorpius Rex & Gorgosaurus names together? Why is this Gen 3?

The Indoraptor is not called Indominus Rex Gen 2. No super hybrid is called a Gen 3 of it’s Gen 2 component. What is the deal here?

Indominus Rex Gen 2 and Indoraptor Gen 2 make sense as well as Scorpius Rex Gen 2 because they all have the same outcome with different ingredients.

But going by the logic here, Indoraptor Gen 2 should not be Gen 2, but should be Indominus Rex Gen 3.

I believe Scorpius Rex Gen 3 should just be it’s own thing, a hybrid of the Scorpius Rex and not carry it’s name with it. Scorpiosaurus Rex, Gorgosaurus Rex, Gorgopius Rex, i don’t know something like that or completely different altogether.

Scorpius Rex Gen 3 name really bothers me. Sure making Gen 3 would be a really create addition to the game but if it came from new ingredients to have the same outcome and not used it’s own ingredients to make it where it doesn’t follow suit we’ve had for the last few years.

Am I alone here?


I think they just wanted to introduce a scorpius rex option that could be used at basically all levels of the game to cross-promote CC.


Imo, It is a bit of a tie in to CC with how scorpious reproduces. There were definitely 2 of them in the show and both genetically the same. ( couldve been a third but idk) and since ludia cant really name a creature both the same thing that’s how you get the gen 2 and gen 3 variations. At least that’s how I interpret it.


that’s a valid point. They could have done like they did the new Compy Unique and just make it a Hybrid Unique and not a Super Hybrid Unique. That way it would at least follow the suit of that new implementation and also would be a legit Gen 3 as it is the same outcome with different ingredients.

On the topic of 3 scorpious rexes, I’m ready to bet that that thing on the boat in the room which was rattling the doorknob with the campers in camp Cretaceous was the third scorpious . Why else would there be a gen 3 scorpious in the game?

Yeah I was thinking the same thing! It could even look slightly different. They already had two Scorpius rexes, so why not have another hybrid that uses the same animations?

A. It doesn’t use the same model or even look similar

B. It’s a canon hybrid as well

The point is that hybrids aren’t just “hybrid ingredient Gen 2”. Or in this case, Gen 3.

i mean that they used Indominus Rex to make another hybrid just like they used Scorpius Rex to make another hybrid.

Indoraptor became it’s own thing so Scorpius Rex Gen 3 should be it’s own thing.

I know the Indo is canon that’s why it actually has it’s own name opposed to Scorpius Rex Gen 3. But we could say the same for Erlidominus, it is also a hybrid of Indom, they could have called it Indom Gen. 3

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Not if its moveset, stats, animation rig and resistances are similar, really.

I’m not too sure about the Gen 3 concept either, but I do like having three Sr’s to throw at people.

The moveset shouldn’t matter. Thor and Allosino are even more similar than the Scorpius’s, but Thor isn’t “Allosinosaurus Gen 2”. Keep the same dino, even a similar design, just give it a different name.

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yup, keep it exactly as it is, just give it it’s own identity.

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