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Why is Scutosaurus a level 20 sanctuary creature?

Why on earth is Scutosaurus only available in the sanctuary for level 20 players? Is this some bug that hasn’t been removed?

If not it is utterly ridiculous, it isn’t even that strong and only has one hybrid. This essentially locks that hybrid to level 20 players only.

Frankly I don’t think any animal should be level locked in the sanctuary if you already have it.


Sorry to say this but it’s not a glitch/bug I saw that they changed that like a couple of months ago. Oof good luck with trying to get more scuto DNA and I hope you have a great day :grin:

Ludia does this to slow your progress in the game. Its a way to keep you playing so you can get to level 20 and can interact with it. They do this with many creatures, its how they determine what creatures everyone uses in which arena.