Why is smylodemys nowhere?

Why is smylodemys so rare?(event supply drops)

It hasn’t appeared on the entire visible map for me or any other member in my discord server. The only people that got to dart it got it because they went on a trip by car and found it on the way. Why is it so hard to find?

Bad implementation. You should have 50% of ESDs for the legendary and 50% of ESDs for the unique. For some reason that’s not what has been decided by Ludia.


It’s literally nowhere in the entire map and the smylodon figures in the distance are smylocephalosaurus

And yes my entire reachable area is only 4 supply drops

Maybe you will see him later. I got him today. But yesterday i didn’t say him yet… i hope for you he will come soon. Don’t give up yet :slight_smile:

I doubt I’m going to see it anytime soon

I hope for you he will come. Just try to come back a few times. If youre lucky he will be there once…

The event is ending in 4 hours

I guess I’m unlocking it next year

You and I had opposite experiences. Smylo was the only one to appear to me all day.


These bugs are starting to get very annoying

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It was out but very rare. I had to ride around a lot to find it.


I’ve only seen one but didn’t get to dart it…

I saw him instantly so I guess I was lucky. Actually really lucky because I got 101 dna and got him after beating his raid… Gald they brought back the smilo raid. :slightly_smiling_face:

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