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Why is Spinonyx a Cunning Fierce?

I was wondering why he is as all of his abilities are Fierce based. It could be the Precise Rampage, but I don’t really think Precise fits under a certain class. I guess if it did fall under Cunning, I still don’t think it’d be enough for it to make Spinonyx a Cunning Fierce.


Precise is considered cunning because some of them distract which falls into that class. Fierce is mostly everything else.

One precise which is common for resilients is precise but does not distract. The other precise which is common for cunning’s is distract.

Precise should be Resilient. And yeah, Spinonyx being Cunning doesn’t make sense, but there’s a ton of creatures that don’t adhere to logic when it comes to assigning classes.

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Precision is an effect separate from Distraction. For example, the Erliks have Precise Rampage.

I agree it doesn’t make sense.

It’s kit is very good, so I believe it’s a way to keep it nerfed while still making it believable. Somehow it’s faster than both of its components, it would be nice for it to have a damage buff and possibly stun resistance.

Maybe it’s just because it functions in the same of vein of cunning fierces like Magna?

I believe it is because of the resistance to DoT and bleeding. Bleeding is not only good against Resilients but also against fierce.