Why Is Spinosaurus A rare

Actual question thats bothered me for a while Ludia. Why is T-Rex an Epic but Spinosaurus a rare. To be honest if you go off movie cannon the Spinosaurus is a better dinosaur than the T-Rex yet it is a rare and T-Rex is an epic


I have no idea

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Both t-rex and spino have a rare and epic version.


Spinosaurus is rare, but Spinosaurus gen 2 is epic!
You would’ve already got it, as part of the raid incubators.

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It ties no matter which of the two face off. So the game doesn’t follow what’s cannon

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The real question is, where is the Gen 2 stegosaurus and where is the stegosaurus body style unique or apex?


But how can you improve on stegod?


Right. That thing was the coolest and best stego rarity we had. We need a more powerful one. Be nice if they buff stegodeus.

Why is Raptor,Trike,Stego and Carno Rare/Common,well it’s a simple answer

Not really, what’s your take aside from that’s how the devs wanted it?

Well all of those are one of the most popular creatures and new ppl really wanted them i guess

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Both of them have Rare and Epic variants.
Why? Because the devs wanted it that way, and the game doesn’t follow movie canon completely, so it’s not their obligation.

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I would assume because of Blue, Sino, and Kentro for the first 3

Carno… maybe ludia intended on adding demon carno?

I don’t think demon carno would be a good idea,instead i think it is because of rajasaurus