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Why is t rex not immune to vulnerability

All his moves cleanse it so he is basically immune but not at the same time?

Rex needs a buff, I do not know how withouth that becomes op, but a “rending” movement would be good or a rework.

many creatures suffer from that nerf, Anky too

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Because then the vulnerable cleansing would be even more pointless :joy:

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My rework of rex

Hmmm but he probably needs a speed buff because t rex gen 2 has 2 speed higher

Tyrannosaurus Rex overall needs buff, it’s completly useless compared to two other big theropods from his rarity (Acro, AlloG2). I suggest few resistances, speed buff and what’s the most important thing in all of these suggestions, hp buff to at least 4600 - 4800.

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must have no resistance to rending and Dot at all it’s contradictory

HP buff to 4800
Rend resistance 34%
Bleed resistance 34%

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descarga (54)

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I suggest this:

Why it still need Atk
If it use opponent’s HP to attack?


Honestly T Rex really isn’t that bad. I still use it on my team in non-hybrid epic skill and advantage tournaments. Its the best there is at just doing raw damage in it’s rarity, and there’s no way to improve it without changing the core of what it is, which I don’t think really needs changing.

Besides, it’s one of the most common epics in the game. While I personally don’t put much stock in the “harder to obtain creatures are better” balancing philosophy, it does mean that T Rex is one of the easier epics to level. Its strength is pretty well balanced for how easy it is to get.


but it is surpassed by another local monster, Acrocantosaurus

In the very least i would like for her to be faster… She has to be faster than Nemys and Arco, otherwise, why use her?

But Rex is global

Buff Rex’s health to 4800 and give her a couple of useful resistances, maybe stun and deceleration, and I think she’ll be much more viable :+1: :t_rex:

But acro too

Maybe just a small HP buff. Honestly the only reason it would need an HP buff now is Diplodocus, but I would rather nerf Diplodocus instead. T Rex is so slow that deceleration immunity doesn’t really help it without speed boosts, and we don’t really want to encourage nitro boosting rexes.

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No acro is L3 day, while Rex is global anytime