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Why is the Bumpy incubator more expensive on Android

Can someone explain to my why the bumpy incubator is $110 on Android but only $99.99 on IPhone. And at nigh the price goes down to $100 for Android. Like come on this makes no sense Ludia! This is the Android one.
Screenshot_20210526-104752_JW Alive

This is the IPhone one

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The apple store charges you extra,and secretly takes the money,that’s the reason it’s more expensive,with my knowledge.

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But he’s saying the Apple Store one cost less than the Android store

I’m really confused how Apple charges you extra and secretly takes the money? Sure, more comes out than the game says it costs, but that’s because of taxes… :upside_down_face:

That’s the thing,it secretly takes the extra money adding up to that.

Yes! the taxes,completely forgot about that word.


Taxes are common on purchases, and were charged by Android long before Apple… so I’m still failing to understand how Apple secretly takes the extra money?

Since I’m not an apple user,I build my tax arguements on apple devices from the dramas (including the fortnite giftcard drama)

I’m an Apple user and the only thing I’ve seen (thank you for reminding me of this @GizmoTheWizard ) is that they’ll lump together your purchases sometimes. But the taxes have always been right when looking at the breakdown. I honestly don’t know about the fortnite gift card, dramas, though so I’ll have to do some googling!

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No is more on Android. They fixed it now probably because of this form mabey. But no my friend bought it and it was still more on Android. She showed me the tax return to.