Why is the cash tournament advantage?

Why the heck is the cash tournament an advantage tournament. I was looking forward to using the newly buffed spinoconatrictor at base levels. This is so confusing. All cash tournaments have base level no boosts and all creatures are set to level 26


Ludia is greedy and does not give a crap about giving resources at equal ground.

It’s to reward the pay to win crew and the veterans.

@Ned can you please answer this?

I can only speculate, but skill tourneys don’t bring in much revenue.
This may be the new normal.

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I hope not. I much perfect skill so I’m not getting recked by max level 30s. This is apperently part of the compensation for the 2.9 login issue.

No it was already an advantage tournament before the 2.9 fiasco.

Hey there, Overkill_999. The information on the Tournaments for August can be found here: [Tournaments] Jurassic World Alive | August 2021

The last dates should show the Tournament from 09/03 to 09/06.

However, I can definitely forward your feedback to our team!

Oh did not realize. I’m just so used to cash tournaments being level 26