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Why is the connection total garbage during tournaments?

Seriously. Why? It turns to crap every time we have one of these weekend tourneys. I’m tired of it. I get medals stolen from me constantly because the game just decides to disconnect me randomly. And i know it’s on Ludia’s end, NOT MINE. It does it on wifi, it does it without wifi. I can connect a phone to my phone’s hotspot and that phone will run just fine while mine gets plagued with disconnects. FIX YOUR DAMN GAME. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE ANYTIME, ESPECIALLY DURING TOURNAMENTS.

I hate when things like this happen too.
I can swap out but the game decides I cant.

Um… Heloooooo.

A match is going on and I can’t see nothing.

Oooooh Kaaaay?

What about my dino?. Where is my dino?

Heeelooooooo!!! I’m going to die if my dino n buttons don’t pop in.

This was out of the tournament but during the tournament last night and this was an A.I.