Why is the darting system so unfair?

When it comes to Epics, the game is really unfair.


  • they are harder to find
  • they spawn less
  • they have smaller central dots, making them harder to hit
  • they have more impact points, making harder to predict where to hit
  • they have movements harder to track and aim
  • they need more DNA to create / evolve
  • and if that’s not enough, they give LESS DNA per hit.

Ludia, c’mon.

Actually they need less DNA to evolve.

It is all compensated by how much more useful epic DNA is.

Because they are epic dinos and epic DNA is supposed to be harder to obtain? They could achieve the same result by making them spawn less I guess but easier to dart. Would anyone prefer that route?

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You forgot to mention and when you finally dart enough DNA to make a hybrid it rewards you with just 10 DNA on conversion


You could make the same complaint about incubators. Epics are better, so harder to create.

They need less dna to evolve, so if they were as easy to dart as commons, progression would be even more unbalanced than it currently is

I don’t think “unfair” is the word to describe, more like challenging. Everybody get the same difficulty. With practice you can hit bulleyes even for epic and get a lot of dna. Just practice.

Everything is fine with the game.
DNAs are a lot to find. Coins are easy to get. Fuses generate 50 DNAs min - everytime. Never 10s.
So move on. Stop complaining…

honestly it’s the same for everyone, so it’s consistent and fair. unless you want to argue that higher level players get more DNA per dart, but that’s how most P2W games are. and usually they fight each other in the arenas.

what’s really kind of unfair is the fusing system. some people could average 10 per fuse and someone else average 40. their team is going to be way better just because they get luckier with fuses.

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And 10 and 10 and 10 and 10…

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Team-building based on luck. Meh!

What luck?