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Why is the game so bad?

Like forgetting the horrendous matchmaking and stunning nonsense etc…

Like I can hardly play the game because of the lag! I open it up, takes ages to load the map, I move to another screen and go back, again the entire map needs to reload, you walk down the street and it lags, like come on this is ridiculous!

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What phone are you using? I used to suffer quite severe lag but it was because I had an older model.

Its a new sony, never had any issues before until I decided to play the game again last month and its horrendous!

Interesting. I don’t know then. The only lag issues I have experienced are a very occasional and brief catch up during Arena and strike tower battles.

I’ve had insane lag since I started playing again this month too, and I’ve heard the same from others. It’s gotten really bad.

But I am on a Galaxy S8 that may not be the fastest phone but I keep the storage cleaners up and keep background apps closed. Still runs great and fast enough to keep me happy.

But it struggled with this game this month (it didn’t at all last year).

I love the game though.

I’ve had it too, only since the last update. It begins after a few minutes of playing.
Nokia 6.1

I’ve said this before, but here goes.

This game uses so much data when you play it so the lag, chat, and ultimately the need to restart the game time after time is beyond a joke now.

Ludia keep adding more and more unnecessary crap so they merely serves to make the existing issues worse.

Look at emojis in battles, blood in battles, and crappy new strike towers to name but a few.

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Happy cake day!

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Why, thank you :blush:


Galaxy S9+ on Verizon. If I’m going more than about 10mph the maps just can’t keep up. I enter a refresh zone, the map is empty and stays empty until I reboot the app.

Some call it lag, I’d call it a bug or just too much data needed for the map.

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 and it has not caused me any issues when going more than 10 miles per hour.

Count yourself as lucky. Many people report the same issue across platforms.

Not everyone experiences the supply drop/creature issue where it zooms in then back out and you can’t collect it.

The game is bad because the developers won’t put more resources into the game then their bottom line allows them to. If its not profitable they take away from their bottom line, meaning it gets worse and worse.

They roll out new features to milk what remaining players are left until everyone is dry and dead and then they game slowly fades with them.

That is why.

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You are thinking somewhat logically. I don’t think that’s how it works though.

If a game is profitable, why allocate resources to it other than basic maintenance? It’s working and making money…no reason to mess with it. Throw a few devs at it once every few months for a refresh to keep the players happy.

If a game is losing money, you terminate it.

I believe this is how Ludia looks at it.

What lag? My game has been fine except in a moving car.

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It’s partially cause Ludia has lazy devs or someone like that or they just put in too much to so the game down. Trials, gore, and championships were good ideas, but the amount of bugs and cheaters and downright crappiness ruin the game for a lot of people

doesnt lag for me and i play on payphone

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Wow. I hardly even seen any payphones anymore. Most are broken or run down. Do you have to put quarters into it for it work?


i call ludia and they tell me what creatures are next to me. then i just say into the payphone the creature i want to dart and ludia darts it for me, i just have to say when to fire. they have a special employee playing the game for me. battles are a little more difficult. they have to tell me what creatures i have and what creatures the opponent has. i choose a attack and if i want to see how much damage it deals, i have to say “hold”. its a hard life because i cant see what creatures i am able to upgrade and fuse. and yes i have to pay for every minute.

Lol hilarious xD