Why is the most Anti-Reptile character with a holiday named after him the best holiday for JWA?

St. Patrick’s Day has so far given us the best shooting rewards of all the holidays.
What I want to know is why?
St. Patrick is known for banishing all the snakes out of Ireland.
How much more anti-reptile can you get?
Those innocent cute little scaled noodles, were driven into the sea, by some guy who was irritable about fasting for 40 days.


Maybe…that’s how they got to Canada?

Just kidding

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It’s just the color green. Uniques have green color. I think that’s it heh no more thought. Valentines is surrounded by pink and red probably why they did legends. :slight_smile:

Just for that, the snake should be an option on St. Pat’s lol.


We’d be darting at scalys too, so…