Why is the Postmetro boss the only one causing this issue?

I seriously can’t wrap my head around why I can select a T-Rex Gen 2 and not be immediately redirected to the Andrewtops boss, but if I try to select the Therizinosaurus, the game assumes I actually want the Postimetrodon boss instead?

I know this has been a problem for a long time, but I’m getting fed up with it.


The megalosuchus boss had a similar problem.


I wish raids wouldn’t spawn on supply drops, strike towers, and sanctuaries. Another problem similar to this is when dinosaurs spawn inside strike towers


Carnotaurus also has this problem too, although to a lesser extent


The selectable bounding box defined for the post boss is defined too large.

It would literally take a good programmer who understands their code a few minutes to update the size of that bounding box. But, they never do for some reason. :man_shrugging: I’m convinced none of their programmers actually play the game or stuff like this would get fixed automagically.


I don’t understand why they don’t just remove that boss from the map. Who even need posti anyway :rofl:

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I like the easy older bosses like Postimetrodon Blue and T. rex much more than the newer ones like Megalotops
I agree that the hitbox does need to be fixed but I don’t want the boss to be replaced because then they’ll give us something even harder and more annoying than the Megalotops boss


Last night a Posti wasn’t even on top of a coin chase box, but it still intercepted my taps.

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It’s one of the ingredients for Tryostronix, who’s needed for Giganyx.

So I’ll happily take free Post DNA, just wish it’s hitbox was far less problematic :rofl:

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Indotaurus and Grypolith had exactly the same problem

I’m pretty sure there wasn’t an Indotaurus boss

A good programmer would not do that mistake to start with… Box size should be standard for all the bosses. A simple call to a table. It’s as if every time a boss is added, whoever add it to the code, simply decide how big the box will be randomly? Basically, I suspect it’s never the same programmer who work on the code, and they don’t take the time to look at how the calls are made for the other bosses, and write their own code?. The spaghetti code must be impressive right now, since they don’t follow any standard.

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Posti is the biggest problem. But it’s not only problem. Phorurex has problems. For some extent, Carno and even Tortoise has problems.

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I had an Imperato right on my house the other day. Kept circling around the area I had my Giga Scent open.

I ended up not playing that day, because even when Imperato was far away from them, it still selected him and I could barely dart anything from my scent because of it. I considered reporting it, then I remembered it was an ongoing problem with certain raid bosses which they clearly don’t care about enough to resolve.


I think he meant Indo Rex, though i doubt it has the radius problem like Posti.

Hey, posti raid is useful now with giganyx. And some people including myself like posti itself…

Yes it’s useful since I’m not always able to get out and hunt and it’s been a long time since I’ve been in zone 4 where Postosuchus spawns

Posti’s components are not hard to find. Posti itself is a wild spawn.

Postosuchus is rare. I hardly see it ever, since it’s a night spawn.

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I meant Indoraptor.
Any lizzard, crocodile model causes this bug, anyway.