Why is the Postmetro boss the only one causing this issue?

It’s in abundance during night time.

I never see it, even at night

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Same here :confused:

Specific zones…

I’ve been in its zone and hunted at night. Still only saw one the entire month.

So did megalosuchus

Enough to make a grownup cry… literally the posti boss wasn’t touching Theri when I tried to dart it, yet I still couldn’t access Theri when the boss was far away from it. Every boss does this to some extent. I had one hadros that was guarding a deer and I could not get my dna as a result. But Posti is out of control :rofl:


I’ve got two special supply drops and several regular ones, but I can’t seem to access them because I have not one, but two Postimetrodon raid bosses right outside my house. This is also a problem when I leave the house, since they constantly roam around dinos I’m trying to dart.

PLEASE fix the hit box in the next update, or allow us to temporarily disable raid bosses from the map when we wish. It’s ridiculous that the same bosses keep spawning so close to each other in the first place.