Why is the treasure chase only 15k and not 25k as usual?

The title is self explanatory.


I assume for the same reason they reduced it significantly over christmas & lunar new year. Not impressed again.

So you spend more time with loved ones


Because the one who designed had his/her heart :broken_heart:, so you only get close to half of the usual amount.

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Because for some reason, the team in charge of managing the treasure chests thinks that a smaller amount of coins is a bigger reward.


It’s 2 days instead of 1 is my guess

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Apparently so, but still instead of getting 50k in 24 hours, we will get 45k in 48 hours.


Because it’s a “special event” aka “we give less coins on special events opposed to the regular treasure chase.” Explain that.

Let’s all write support in email like they always say and give our feedback that a special chase should be more than the regular one. This doesn’t mean take away from the regular but to give more than 25k on special chases. Not a hate mail but a suggestive feedback.


most likely this - which I like. I’ve noticed the boxes are giving bigger yeilds on average as well, which is nice!

Not really. At lvl 20 its 500/1000/1500, on a normal chase its 500/1000/2500/5000.
On the plus side uk weather is horrific so unless youre in a vehicle maxing out a normal chase would be impossible, whereas this was doable.

So no chest reset today… that’s how we are getting two days of treasure chase? :confused:

I’m sure it will reset this evening. That’s what they did last time. I got them yesterday and then again before reset this morning because I thought they’d go away. So this evening when coins reset I bet the chase will as well.

Nice. 45,000 coins of two days of treasure chase for the special occasion vs. one day of 50,000 coins. Thanks, Ludia.


Yup. These special chases are a joke.

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Thats assuming they reset in 7.5 hours, which is not guaranteed.


That’s how it worked on the other special chase we had. First chase was 12 hours for reset and then it was 24 hours.

It really is a poor show to receive supposedly ‘special’ features which in reality are far from special.

In no way, shape, or form is this ‘special’ since once again the coins available from the chase are 10,000 less than a standard chase.

Could someone from Ludia explain how they see this as ‘special’ please? @Ned


Could be 20k yet, depends if we get a reset in a few hours like many are hoping. Ive made this point to ned before with xmas/new year and then the lunar, it got forwarded on by him with zero ludia response.

Because those chests I have fever drops available and lose coins because of that.

You can go out and get your supply drops. That’s the least concern. I’ve maxed my drops everyday unless it’s when the green drops are nowhere and even then i still almost max if I don’t max them.

The issue here is that this is a special event with less coins than a normal chase. It happens every special event chase.