Why is there a daily limit on coins for VIP membership?


I am not a free loader, I pay my share to play but all this seems to do is make me reach my daily limit of coins sooner than I normally would. There seems to be NO benefit to VIP because of this limit. Longer battery life of drones isn’t really a benefit if I am willing to take the time to find more creatures and when I get enough DNA to upgrade my creatures I am limited because of the coin limit anyway. I can’t figure out what the limit is either. Today I think it was 2000 coins, other days it seems like it is 5000. I am a VIP member but it seems like I’m a sucker so far…


VIP get double the coin cap which is different for each player level (info found under “general game play” “why can’t I get coins from supply pods” in the game help menu (you’ll find it if you go into your profile menu) and the cash I’ve estimated at 40 cash for VIP and at least half that for F2P.

Hope this helps


My limit at level 13 is around 10k. It’s pretty annoying. 10k buys me nothing unless I’m leveling up some low levels to fuse them.


Same here. I understand the limiting the Cash, but limiting the coins is a slap in the face for people paying that very expensive monthly membership with real money. Having double the coins with VIP, doesn’t do anything, you can’t even upgrade a level13 or so properly. love the game, but limiting coins is not.