Why is there a Dart Limit?

In the beginning of the game this seemed like a reasonable thing to have. Recently with scents and a plethora or feature creatures and hybrid pursuit dinosaurs I’ve reconsidered this part of the game.

  1. There is already a time limit to your darting. The most with VIP you can dart is 15
  2. The dinosaur disappears or has limits on number of attempts (wild creatures are gone after darting
    and special event creatures have a limit of attempts)
  3. Supply drops don’t give enough darts unless you are on top of it

If the mechanic is to make us harvest a resource to be able to get more DNA… I think it fails at that. Many days after darting and spinning all day I want to just dart from my couch and throw a couple scents to grind night dinos. If I’m out and about I can spin and dart for an unlimited time, but using scents in a stationary position gives you a new limit of DNA. It seems silly at best. I’ll spend money on scents, but never waste my money on darts.

I think you would see a bump in scent sales if you just got rid of the dart limit. Coins are hard to get, bucks are hard to get, DNA is a grind, ect. Darts shouldn’t be part of the equation IMO.

What do others think? Am I missing something (dont say money, because they could make money other ways and no one is buying the dart packs).

Also… take out or lower the dart requirement for the Alliance mission… it’s a real drag to sit there and just fire darts to earn that goal.



Im not against a dart limit but the cap is so low… it should be increased possibly doubled or trippled.

On a side note speeding up incubators is a way to go above the cap… its hard cash better spent on boosts but it is an option.

I think we all might be surprised at the number of users purchasing darts.

I know from PoGO that many players purchase poke balls regularly. Even out at a park with lots of stops to spin, when they run out or really low, they just purchase rather than walk around filling back up. Witnessed this happening a lot.

For a casual user it is the easiest option for them. They do not have time to go out and fill up after darting 10 creatures. Or sitting at home with only a few distant ones to spin, getting 0 or 3 from them every 15 minutes. Throw on a scent, buy a pack of darts and have fun. Or even just darting the occasional creature that pops up within range. I am sure they run out of darts regularly so just hit the store and stock up.

So keeping the storage low benefits the profits. The quicker users run out the more likely they are to purchase rather than wait or make time to go spin drops.

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Ludia: instead of increasing the amount of darts, we will just sell bag upgrades :woozy_face:

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I’ve always wondered why the cap never increases, even with VIP. That seems like it should be a VIP perk. Its little things like that that would make VIP seem worth it. 140 is so damn low though. Everything in this game has a limit so you will be motivated to spend money. All these micro transactions have turned video games into something else these days. It used to be so different.

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I’ve had to buy darts before, and it hurt every time I saw my cash go down just for a simple item that should be easily attainable.

I never have and never will buy darts in this game. And I totally agree with you. But if there has to be a cap, it should be higher than 140 imo.

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Just based off the title.

I’ve put a suggestion in that we be able to upgrade our dart storage in the past.

I wouldn’t mind spending hard cash to upgrade my darts above 140. It would be an easy way for Ludia to make some money. If they didn’t put a limit on how many you could carry. You could just keep upgrading your storage.

I know in Pokémon go I used to always max my item storage as well as Pokémon storage. I never used real money but I used the free in game money I was given.

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