Why is there a difference in attack power with the same Phorusaura, the same level, and the same number of boosts?

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Bug Description: The display of attack power is strange

Area is was found in: In the tournament

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What type of device are you using:SONY Xperia5, android10

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In the tournament, even though 20 attack power boosts are added to the same Phorusaura Lv30, my Phorusa’s attack power is 5104 and the opponent’s attack power is displayed as 5105.

I don’t remember seeing the description that such a specification was implemented, so please correct it if it is a bug.
Screenshot_20210116-025042 Screenshot_20210116-025025

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its a glitch, yo think it doesn’t matter, but the amount of times i and opponents have has 1 hp left, its a big deal

Pretty sure it’s only a display (text) bug. My Spyx also has 2552 base damage but the revenge distracting impact and precise pounce say 5105. I know for a fact though that Spyx only actually does 5104 damage, however.

Thank you for the screenshots, sohamtheraver!