Why is there disparity in the game for progress of some players?

I am a bit confused on the disparity that exists in the game. I have been doing the Mortem raid from the second week and still haven’t unlocked it while I see many players having it at level 27 already. Same goes with treasure chases where I (majority) only receive 500 coins and I have never received more than that ever since the treasure chase has come out. I understand a certain level of difference as in the fusion scenario where from an overall perspective, the results would be more or less the same over a given time, but aren’t the others directly going to affect your progress in the game? Something I am missing?

The problem with Mortem is, that in the first few weeks it was possible to get up to 150 (or even more, not sure anymore) Mortem DNA per incubator. Then Ludia decided to change that to 15-30 and slapped all other players in the face.

That‘s why some lucky players unlocked it extremely fast while others had or still have to wait very long. I had my first raid after said change and battled Mortem every week since then and will unlock it in the next week. While some alliance members are already working on getting it to level 28.

I must say it was very frustrating and very disapponting when Ludia changed it (I think it also was a very silent change) and left the majority of players with frustration. The others could keep the DNA and Ludia didn‘t do anything about it. Just left the playerbase with another edge between two new groups.

It sure was a dirty move imo. I mean they finally had made their decision on how much Apex DNA players could get per week and it finally works for all bosses. But in the case of Mortem it was poorly done and definitely had the emotions raging.

As always, Ludia didn‘t care and moved on. Case closed. Self High Five in Ludia HQ.


I like the picture lol.
Thanks for the explanation, didn’t know that DNA was given at that level, I have never got more than 25 till date, guess I belong to the unlucky ones, or maybe I haven’t paid them enough money?
It’s funny, corporates call for equality, but each of their move is to create more disparity among others.

Yeah, if you weren’t at Apex Raid Level or have an Alliance to carry you through one right when Raids began you have to really grind.

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There were several cases of bugs and exploiting them. It depends on who is affected and the most important group are of course the paying players. Don‘t get me wrong: I am very aware of the fact that the game is „free“ due to paying players (I also invested hundreds of euros in the first months). I especially mean the bug of farming tournament trophies by battling AI. Guess what alliance exploited it and were even proud of themselves. And also guess what Ludia (not) did…

But Ludia isn‘t too interested in trying to be fair. And they don‘t even hesitate to show us lmao.

Like the last bug where they accidentally gave us a surprisingly good incubator offer. And then silently removed it and replaced it with a bad deal as we know it from Ludia.


yeah it was the first 3 weeks of mortem that the min was 10 and the max went up to i think 200. People complained about it. Tho i think the main issue was the low minimum reward coupled with the whole group doesn’t get the same reward. It was changed to be the 15-30 system we have now, which wasn’t any better, and didn’t fix the main point of frustration with the players. but at least the subsequent bosses all follow this pattern now so there’s that. 10-20 weeks to unlock any of the bosses.


Makes sense, well at least good to see that I am not the only one who has thought of it or is frustrated by it.
@GermanRaptor I agree totally, F2P can’t survive itself and in fact I have put reasonable sum of money into the game when I could afford. Never knew of the tournament big, maybe those were my starting days. Well I guess it’s a general consensus then that the game is not fair.