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Why is there no epic compy in zone 1?

In zone 1. Popped 5 epic scents in different days and time, and got 0 epic compy. Someone said that that is an 80% chance to get a compy for each epic scent, not the case AT ALL. NONE!

Please increase the local spawn rate of epic compies. It’s almost like an exclusive dino.


I think the idea is you need to buy more epic scents…


Then at least gives something from the epic scents…

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Last few times I ran an epic scent I got only global epics in zone 1. Did you get any other locals, Sino, Anky, Concavenator?

I’m in L1 as well and have seen exactly one epic Compy flock… but I won’t buy epic scents. In my experience (using epic scents from towers) I always get epics I don’t need.

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I did get others, just no compy.

The ones who got their compy unique leveled up in a couple of days said they got epic compies 80% of the time from the epic scents. Seriously doubt about that now.

I think they said if you get compsognathus with an epic scent, 80% of the time it will be during the first 10 minutes. So they just ran epic scents for 10 minutes then started another to maximize their chance to get compsognathus.

Uhhh… isn’t compy in L4?

Epic compy in Z1, and rare compy in Z4.

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I think they said that for the first 10 mins of epic scents, 80% of the time they would get a compy.

Otherwise, no math would support creating a unique compy in a couple of days with such a poor spawn rate.

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That’s what was said.

I think my understanding was correct but not sure as English is not my primary language.


I popped 8 scents and only got two which both being the first spawn. The second one came on my last scent which was all i needed to unlock it for the unique tourney. I didn’t even bother with the rest of the scent. I had what needed. I shut the game and went home. Depending where you at in the game, scents are no longer a good bang for your bucks.

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After my fourth scent i rotated them every ten minutes cuz I remember reading this. I was mostly betting on the first spawn because i had little faith when global spawns were included thereafter.

I travel several hundred km a day and have seen 1 epic compy in the last week and a half. Seen at least 10 anky afew sinos and a couple concas. But 1 compy. Sucks.

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This means that he got a compy or compies 80% of the time from the first 10 mins. Not that when he got a compy, 80% of time it would be from the first 10 min, or else the % for the next 10 mins should be 20% (to add up to 100%) vs. less than 10%.

That must be some special epic scent they run because I ran 8 last month and got 1 compsognathus. And saw 3 or 4 compsognathus in the wild in a month.

I feel like the spawn rates for the first couple days after a new release are better than later on. Obviously there’s no way to prove this, but I know I got like 5-10 compies in the first couple days and have only seen a handful after. I wonder if @Idgt902 or anyone else who uses a TON of scents has found the same to be true.

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pretty simple probably. they saw people were willing to drop $2K to get them, so why not lower the spawn rate and see if they can get people to spend $3K to get them

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That’s strange, I’m in zone 1 too and I popped open 1 epic scent and soon, compy was created.