Why is this a thing?!?!?!

Well,this is what happens when ludia makes an emote after getting out of the toilet then…:roll_eyes:
Screenshot_20211006-144814_JW Alive


It’s a reference to a scene in Jurassic Park, when Ellie’s trying to diagnose the sick Trike.

That’s why it’s a thing.


It just looks so weird tho :neutral_face:

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This strike would have been the perfect opportunity for the ceratosaur to be added


It’s a steaming pile of dung so it’s going to looks a bit off. I’m highly in favor of a wider range of emotes, personally.


Oh boy the people who cry about getting spammed by emotes are really going to be crying now.

Emotes are toxic whether they are bad or not.

Ludia created emotes.
Ludia selected how many you can send per game with the cool down.
Ludia also decides which emotes to put in the game.
Ludia also put an option to turn them off.

So when people cry about emotes they need to understand all the above.

If you can’t handle it, turn them off or complain to ludia about what they’ve created. Can’t be mad at players for using a feature of the game.

Mine are turned off unless it’s needed for an achievement.

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It’s pointless and worthless, like all emotes. I don’t even know why Ludia wastes time with them.


Really fits the state of the game right now :joy:



The kind of lol thst you type out but you don’t actually mean.

It is what it is tho.

it is my favorite now. I don’t have over means to explain “Go away! I want an incubator, not stupid PVP”

Because ludia knows that people spend money on incubators and some of them have exclusive emotes. So in other words people waste money on 60 dollar incubator to get that emote and then being a show off to other players like: Look at me i got this cool emote. Wich i really hate

You do realize the emote of the original topic was free?

I never realized there was an option to turn them off. That’s cool


it’s the 3 dots on the left side. tap it then tap the red circle with the line through it.

@reyhan_sajeeb when you know you know

I turned them off the second I saw them. Haven’t turned them on since. I wish there was a way to remove them completely.