Why is this a thing?


It’s fun to see 2 of the same creatures close to eachother. But when i dart one of them, the other one is gone when i come back to the map. I understand that this may be just programmed this way but i don’t like it. :slight_smile:


This is a bug when you relaunch your game without the loading screen! See those 2 Ankylosaurus image


It must be nice to have all those rare and epic dinos around. If I see a single epic dino in a day, or more than 3 or 4 rares, it’s a miracle.


I wanna be where you are!


There’s only one rare outside the event, and the second epic is a glitch, which is why it was posted.

I don’t usually see many epics in the wild, but this week I had a day where I saw 5! Happy hunting, and I hope you have an epic spawn-filled day too.