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Why is this an offer? 🤯


how is this an offer on tapjoy? or am i missing something…


ahh ok i understand now. it gets converted into subwaybucks for your use then you also get the jwa bucks. lol sorry i havent had my coffee yet


Are you sure it works that way? Reads to me like the money is exchanged. There was a $50 offer not long ago too that read the same way.

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looks like you are buying a $20 card and exchanging it for 900 in-game cash that isn’t even worth $10 :joy:


Yeah, I’m still not clear. Are you buying 904 cash for $20, through Subway? Or do you get to still use the Subway card? Sound like the card being “charged” is depleting it’s funds…

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If you got to eat some subs, the cash is a nice bonus. But it sounds like a carnival rip off.

I realy hate this game with dracoceratops cheat. No fun this way

this is also going on…


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i considered it because i go to subways everyweek and spend $10 a visit. to my understanding, you are converting your real money to a gift card then to some other bucks … its stupid lol but you get the jwa cash too


Sounds to me like you buy a gift card for $20 cash money, and exchange that money for 904 JWA credits.
They want the pin from your subway card, and it clearly states “***Please note: your subway card will be charged $20 in exchange for the credits!***”

904 credits for $20.


I have zero trust for tapjoy and ludia both.

Even if you get to keep $20 in subway credits (not at all how I read it) they’d still not credit you without screenshots and pictures of you buying a card.


click the button and read further


I’d do it if it meant I got a $20 subway card AND in game cash.
Definitely not using a gift card to buy dino bucks
Where you even see this offer?


Reminds me of some scams where somebody is trying to sell something they don’t legally have a right to sell. They have you buy a gift card and give them the information from the card so they can’t be traced. They will most likely put the card on their Subway app and then immediately transfer the funds to another card (which you can do through the app) which will zero balance the card you have.

There’s no guarantee you’ll even get the dinobucks and there’s really nothing you can do if they don’t follow through with their end of the bargain.

I don’t trust anybody that asks for payment via gift cards where you are giving them the card information electronically and not personally hand-to-hand.


Yay, sooooobway


I did.

Goodbye money, hello JWA credits, if you’re lucky.

Subway rescinded the rights of the offeror to use their cards in the future.

It’s a money laundering scheme, in my opinion.
Kind of like the people that get free stuff shipped to their house, get to keep a portion and ship the rest to Nigeria. Then the cops show up and bust the person, because they didn’t know they were acting as a fence.

Only, you’re the one giving them your money, which then becomes untraceable.


Was surprised more people didn’t catch onto this one when there was a $50 subway card offer going on during the extra in game cash back promo a couple weeks ago.

I thought it through back then and the only people that would do that offer are those not using their own credit card to do it. Not necessarily stolen cards, but definitely those too. That, and the people that will unwittingly do it thinking they get both.


I e fallen victim to commenting on this forum before coffee before also. Never turns out well.
Edit: haha as you can see from my opening typo that I won’t fix