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Why is this happening?

So… I don’t like this Ludia. I go into the game and do a battle. Battle ends. I do another battle. Battle ends. I do a third battle, the lineup takes a little longer to reveal itself. Besides that, everything is fine. After the fourth time, the lineup takes longer and longer to reveal itself in each battle until it just throws out the first dino I have, whether I want it or not.

Then my battle gets shifty and choppy, it won’t let me touch my dinos properly, and I struggle to make simple plays. And it won’t be fixed until I restart my whole game. It’s fine when I play it again… But the whole process is repeated in this annoying loop. I don’t want to restart my game every ten minutes. This happened during the arena, and it’s now happening to me in the Tournament.

Please fix this Ludia, because this is disruptive.

I’m sorry for the trouble, Dinobai18. Could you please contact our team at with your support key so they can look into it? Thanks!

I restart the app every 2 or 3 battles as a temp fix. If I’m being competitive the app gets a restart after every battle.

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