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Why is this update such a joke & so unfair?

The hype for this update was unbelievable… As well as, it sounded as if SO MANY things were going to be completely different & brand new…
Unfortunately, the only thing that has been an obvious change, is the boss raids. And that’s the BIGGEST issue of mine with this game…
First of all, the boss and his (either 1 or 2) minions, are set at an entirely ridiculously high level.
Then you have not just 1 but 2 rounds.
I just don’t understand why they couldn’t be set more fair for EVERYONE, as far as, set up the same way that PVP battles are? Where you have both opponents being set at the same level.

Because now instead you have, for example:
Let’s just say you have 4 alliance members- (1) a lv 14 (2) a lv 16 (3) a lv 20 & (4) a lv 24, all against a Boss with his minion(s)- all of them at a lv 24- with an attack that does 2000 or even higher damage, so if he hits the lv 14 or lv 16, that wipes them completely out with one blow without even standing a chance!?

Basically, I believe these boss raids were made specifically for players that are higher levels with higher level Dino’s, & us little people don’t stand a chance. Which even if we were to keep trying, it does nothing but waste our time.
I thought you would have a Boss raid that has levels to beat, just like when we do the events, & how each level that you beat, the Dino’s levels get higher & harder the more you win.
So that way each time you are winning something at least & if you die to many times, then you can still pay cash to keep trying…
Does anyone else feel the same or is it just me?

There is 4 tiers of raid you know that right? Epic, Legendary, Unique and Apex. There is a raid for all player base. Why should everyone be able to complete all of them? This game is about making your team stronger, and stronger teams get more rewards in return. What is your player level?


My player lv is 12 almost 13. I know their is different tiers but even on the lowest tier, me and my alliance members can’t even beat the lowest 1st level at all… I don’t think everyone should get to beat all of them, I just think they should have been scaled back a little on the lv of the boss so that it at least gives us lower lv players a chance. As it is right now, we stand no chance at all. Strategic plan or not.

the lowest tier was Sino right? Max creature lv 15 (anything above set to 15). If you can show us what you and your teammates have, we can help you work out a strategy to beat it. Someone has to be a healer. and you’ll want something that can put up shields.


Anyone can win this 1. A healer a Tryko a maxima and anything with else. Instant invincibility and alternate and it does 0 damage. Keep healing, easy win

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Mortem Rex and Smilo to some extent are meant to be for the Endgame. If all of your dinos are level 12 and suddenly you unlock a level 21 unique, that’s going to completely change everything in the arena.

Sino and Mammotherium can be beaten with level 12-15 and 15-20 dinosaurs, you just need to stratagize a bit. Use Gamepress’s guide for reference:


A game changer to have is Tuoramoloch. If you start with its speed up move. You most of the time take down the minions at the start and set up to just attack the boss.

Another good dino to have is Thyla and Carnotarkus as both can deal huge damage via rend and bleed.


Your members should most certainly be able to beat the Sino.
Read the guide, figure out what went wrong, correct it, stomp the Sino, collect your reward.

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Thank you all so much! Honestly this info helps TREMENDOUSLY! Lol I thought we weren’t ever going to win one! =•)

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We won the sino boss with just T-rex and ankylosaurus. Ankylo just taunts and makes sino vulnerable and rexy deals big hits.