Why is Thordor so low?

Look at this image,why is Thoradolosaur so low on this? I got this from the field guide,and Thor is in the same place as allosino and why is suchotator so high on this list? Among Uniques a Rare,maybe an epic is still more likely to be understood but a Rare?

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Thor is a 1 trick pony essentially. High damage and high crit, but not much else. it is susceptible to everything and can’t really do anything about it.

suchotator is more versatile. Bleed, slow, nulification and distraction on top of decent bulk. it can be used in more situations than a thor can.


That’s because Thor can’t play well with the other High Apex. It’s pretty meh already. Boosts aren’t taken into account when making the list, so that also helps show how bad it is.


Its pretty rubbish on an even playing field. If you tried to run thor in the unique tournament 2 weeks ago you would not have a fun time. Thor has the illusion of being better than it is because everyone unloads boosts onto it like people unload toilet paper from the stores.


Thor is having trouble, and then this happens.

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Thor is the most lackluster of the unique chompers since it’s the easiest to make…it’s basically just there to do damage and maybe IC but usally that not enough like @bobbymcfeen said if you tried to use Thor in the unqiue tournament then ya would have seen how trash it is compared to others that’s why tryko and tenotorex are just way better they have versatility something Thor doesn’t

The only reason you see it more then said other it’s cause in 1.7 when boosts were added everyone thru it into Thor and since it’s not worth refunding then people have just kept Thor unable to get rid of it cause of the boosts it has


Thor was widely used before boosts, no it isnt great but it still fills a role. Realistically its job is a middleman and anything beyond that it’s very mediocre.

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For example of why Thor suck here are the main points

  1. It has the lowest health of the three and no armor

  2. It has no distraction or shield meaning it will always take the full amount of damage.

  3. While 40% crit is amazing it also is only 10% higher than tryko and 20% more than tenotorex


You realize those are arranged alphabetically. All the A creatures are at the top and the T creatures at the bottom. This isn’t arranged by strength, because skoolasaur sucks and is nowhere near something like thylacotator or spinotasuchus. That doesn’t mean thor is good. It stinks


i just assumed they were talking about the tier in general. :woman_shrugging:

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I was just about to say “wait until these fools hear about the alphabet”


Same like a unique in mid apex means three things usually for me

Ludia has either nerfed them hard and they now trash compared to others

The meta we are in has basically made them non existent to very hard to get good matchups with

They are just trash or just meh to begin with

I agree thors not very versatile. But when ur packin this its pretty awesome! Fought this in library today.


Thylacotator: hold my distraction

And I thought Indoraptor needed a Buff

Like others have said, the unique tournament was a pretty good exemple of how very meh Thor is at equal level. Thing is, like procerat, it is victim of its own availability. Easy to create thus easy to level, usually highest one on someones team resulting in people dumping more boosts in them.

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However, i must say that thor has another thing going for it in a boosted arena: an intangible. Thor has a 40% crit, so the more attack given to thor, the better it becomes. Now, I’m not saying thor is as good as something like thylacotator in a boosted arena, but it gains an advantage from boosts in its attack

I fought a very similarly boosted Thor today. Max attack, only it had only 115 and put the rest of its boosts into health.

Thor has crazy attack potential, but on condition that there are no distractions and dogdes. Even dead guys like Rinex and Dilorach counter him. Strong ones like Noob G2 and Nemys massacre him.
When his attacks are neutralized, Thor becomes useless. He’s glassy and has no defensive moves. 4200 HP without armor really isn’t much. In fact, he’s only a bit bulkier than Indo and his noob brother, but these have a defensive move (or two) and are speedier
I’m surprised that I say that, but Thor needs a buff. Maybe he needs Allosino’s 4500 HP or 15% armor. Maybe he and Allosino need Sino’s Dig In (but without priority). This would surely boost their defenses, thus making them stronger and viable again

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I think the whole reason thor is so glassy is to balance out his higher speed, damage and crit chance, compared to his parents it seems to be a pattern with other hybrids bloodlines too. Give him armour and more hp and he’s essentially just a slightly faster, green allosino ( which he pretty much is already)

It’s kinda funny that Thor does bad in this meta when most of it’s counters have been forced out due to partial immunities. Not really sure what the devs intended for Thor to Be other than a hard counter for Tryko. Would disagree on it needing a buff though.