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Why is Titanoboa a daily creature now?

Please tell me this is a bug. Or is taking away the Brachi also part of the Maxima nerf?

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I would appreciate titanoboa as next daily creature, but they shouldn’t remove Max like this

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It’s probably supposed to be next month’s daily.

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Not a single update without major bugs, eh?

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I don’t mind it, but sure would have been nice to know so I wouldn’t have collected the Brachi this morning.

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Hello, DPG members! The Titanoboa showing up is currently being investigated by the team. :face_with_monocle:


It’s back to Brachi now.

There had to have been something seriously wrong when this update came out! The daily missions dino rewards changed to Titanoboa (one we already had a few months ago) when it shouldn’t have changed until the end of the tournament! Also, in the news section in the app, it talks about celebrating 4th of July :roll_eyes: I’m pretty sure that’s the month we had Titanoboa as our daily missions rewards, so I’m assuming the game has gone back to July! This needs addressed immediately! I need that Brach DNA :sob:


It shows Brachi but when I collected my DNA a few minutes ago it showed brachi but gave me titanboa DNA

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Ugh you guys should have stayed quiet I would have liked extra snake. This is a good bug


Mine is not back yet.

Same here. It has to be an error.

It is fixed now, check your game. Fingers crossed it won’t revert back to Titanoboa on the next day. Be careful when you do your dailies :smiley:
On a side note, Brachi DNA is about as useless as Titanoboa DNA now, both being semi-useful epic exclusives with objectively bad uniques, so it doesn’t really matter which one we get at this point.