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Why is tryostronix so much worse than baryonyx?

Seriously baryonyx has defense shattering rampage 1 turn CD 2x dmg. Tryostronix has defense shattering impact 2 turn CD 1.5x dmg. To top it off tryostronix has significantly lower dmg (200 less dmg vs baryonix if both at 16 for only 100 more health) and is slower to boot. It basically trades its dmg to get immunity, but without the dmg the immunity is worthless anyway. Even if you swapped DSR & DSI between them baryonix still hits harder due to tryostronix having its attack gutted.

Even postimetrodon has nearly 200 attack higher than tryostronix ar lvl 16. It makes no sense why 2 very hard hitting epic dinos create a wet noodle legendary “super hybrid” (since it’s a hybrid of a hybrid)

Green stats are lvl 16 baryonyx

White stats are lvl 16 tryostronix

Immunity is powerful though - it can’t be stunned or slowed by Stegoceratops or have its attack decreased by Velociraptor’s Pounce for example.

These are negative effects I often rely upon in battle.


cool, it cant have its wet noodle attack reduced. it is not tanky and it doesnt do crap for damage. what difference does it make if its stunned lol? at the very least it needs to not lose its DSR. it will most likely only ever do a single hit of damage and that hit is less than a baryonyx or postimetridon would do. postimetridon has 200 more attack as well and it has immunity.

it has a single 1.5x move and two 1x moves and one of the lowest attacks in the game. suchotator has more attack than it does and its regarded as one of the worst dinos in the game. trash immune dps rare hybrid that you can find in the wild is better than a legendary immune super hybrid

I agree with you. Expose weak spot and ready to crush could combine to do massive damage but it will probably be dead before getting a third turn due to its low health.

They should take another look at stats of certain dinos and this is one of them.

the DSR -> DSI is just completely mind blowing. like uh what? did they accidentally give them the wrong abilities? cuz seriously the attack different is so great that baryonyx hits for 2433 with RTC and DSR, tryostronix hits for 1395 with RTC and DSI when both at 16. i mean hell, its basically the same damage with distracting applied to baryonix and trystoronix being immune. in any other situation they dont even come close.

factoring in ia crit (since 50%) baryonix crits for 3649 while trystoronix crits for 2092

I don’t really know about tryostronix, but for instance, spinotahraptor is much, much worse than utahraptor, so it can happen. Which is frustrating

That scenario is different because spinosaurus is the base (left dino) rather than Utahraptor. Spinotahraptor is actually great aside from lower speed than utahraptor.
The moveset is better than either components and it’s stats are good.

In this case it’s across the board tryostronix is just so much worse than either base

ready to crush has to be one of the worst attacks in the game. bring anything with that in battle against a raptor and the raptor will kill it before it gets one attack. good thing it last for 3 turns though… lol

also, why is the pyrritator so much worse than the pyroraptor?

Can immune dinos even get stunned??

No, they can’t. Immune to stun as well.

Really I think spinotahraptor is really good since it has distracting impact it can reduce the opponents damage and kill the dino.

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Spinroraptor actually has distracting rampage (pounce with 2 turn debuff and cooldown instead of 1 turn) based on the icon. For some reason distracting rampage is called distracting impact (bugged) and has same description as distracting impact but they use different icons

Pounce is (almost) always better than distracting impact, as it deals the same damage, has the same damage reduction and lower cooldown. Distracting impact makes for a bit better survability but in a dinosaur like utahraptor/spinotahraptor what you need is to deal lots of damage fast. And her last ability with bleeding effect isn’t just good enough to make up for the speed loss.

Bleeding is great vs shielding tanks which means now it’s only counters are faster raptors. Any non velociraptor has the same faster raptor beats it problem but they can’t all deal with tanks as well as spinoraptor

There are better tank killers. Rexy, obviously, also Baryonyx and even Einiasuchus. Spinotahraptor is just not worth it IMO. Either use Utahraptor DNA to level up Utahraptor or create Spinotahraptor for her hybrid Spinotahsuchus, but I don’t like her in battle at all tbh. Anyway that’s just my opinion :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll stop spamming about this, I feel like I stole the thread, sorry xD

Typical tank killers are very slow. Spinoraptor is fast and its kit makes it very effective vs anything not immune. Its better than eniasuchus and eniasuchus is considered a very good hybrid/dino.

Utahraptor isn’t worth leveling past 15. Better to work on utahsinoraptor which is superior to spinoraptor and utahraptor but then again it’s legendary and it’s base it’s actually a raptor. I do wish spinosuchus and spinoraptor toolkits were swapped, but then spinosuchus would be insane.

This was originally going to be a why are most hybrids worse than the components but I decided to call out the most egregious offense instead so I don’t consider it derailed honestly lol.

Often the hybrid is worse than the bases because the stats are lower and the movepool is not that grate to compensate. Tyrannosaurus and Trykosaurus are a good exaple of that with the last one who doesn’t have a barrier shattering ability or tagomizer. It gains armour but it’s not a well enought trade and you need three epics to create it. It’s a shame because if you consider the bases it has the potentiality to be a beast, a rexy 2.0 with more bulk and the possibility to lower the enemy speed.

Indominus is a worthy Rex 2.0 if you ask me. Many people are crying for a nerf here.

Not really in my opinion, it’s role is different. It’s a gambling game, he cloak and you pray to not be hit or to hit him if it’s an enemy. If indominus survives it will surely kill it’s opponent. That’s not a strategy, it’s only a bet. Rexy has a role, it’s a tank killer, it should be someting more than that with a few more hp, but that’s what it do now. Trykosaurus could be that next step, it has more tankyness and with tagomizer (and maybe some more damage) when at full hp could be a good choise even aginst a glass cannon even a sturdy one like Blue. That’s what I think, of course I could be wrong, but here it is.

One of the things I don’t like about Indominus is that her abilities have absolutely nothing to do with either Rex or Raptor. She is not a Rex 2.0 because she doesn’t work like a Rex at all. Not only do I want a nerf, what I would like is that her skill set was completely changed and reworked so that she would actually feel like their hybrid, she wasn’t so much RNG dependant and she had effective counters too that weren’t based on luck.