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Why is velociraptor better than blue? (Epic)

Ok… Just want to hear your thoughts… Why is velociraptor better than blue?.. is it speed, attack, or health? What I want to know is why a common is better than an epic when it comes to raptors?


Purely speed - velociraptor will always get the first strike in

Definitely speed. Plus I think that Blue and her pack are there because people will naturally want to collect named dinosaurs for completeness, even if they may not be as good as the default version.

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Just my thoughts… blue should be like the ultimate OP dino (and much harder to get)

Speed of the default velociraptor +1
And all the special abilities of the rest of the raptor pack: short defense, nullify, & distract

Obviously this is an amazing moveset but since it’d be harder to get her, it’s be a long endeavor to get her at a competitive level too (so as to the keep everyone from just abusing this arena with her)


Or maybe buff the raptor pack as a whole, maybe give them SIAs to encourage people to use them as a pack.


Blue has armor

Blue is better than Velociraptor.


I don’t think velociraptor is better than blue as long as they are equal level.

Because in previous updates, they nerfed all raptor’s attack stat. , now if you do the math, velociraptor cannot kill blue with a pounce and strike at the same level as long as blue uses her shield on the first go and take out velociraptor on the second go.

Is that a statement or a question?
Blue has a sneaky 10% armour so it’s easy to forget about.

I think that armor makes the creature slower

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1v1 v-raptor is better. 1v1 v-raptor could kill indoraptor though.
against anything else though, blue is better.

i did also wonder why blue was slower. didn’t really fit with the genetic engineering pattern used in JW/JP. they never asked Wu to make things smaller, slower, fewer teeth, etc.


Would you think Pyrri is better than Manga, or Postimetro is better than Tryostro, only because the former could defeat the latter in 1v1?:thinking:

All of the raptors are “special” in their own way. I like how they all have something different to offer.

Agree. Blue can survive longer.

If I could actually get a good supply of Blues DNA she would be on my team 100%, but sadly its hard to come by outside of events and that =/.

Also my level 20 raptor (when it was on my team) killed a full health level 21 Indoraptor with a Pounce and Strike simply because Indo didn’t dodge a single time.
Funny enough that was the first time I had encounted a player controlled Indoraptor (beat the level 30 Indoraptor when it was an Epic Strike event though).

Blue should be at Unique level and not Epic. She should be at the same level as indoraptor and it makes sense to do that. The rest of the raptor squad (Delta, Charlie, Echo) should be Epic at least. But it’s too late to go back now

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Lol me too… I actually leveled up my blue to 16… I think shes gonna stay on the bench for a bit…

First, blue isnt a hybrid, so she cant be unique… second, why would the rest be epic? They are velociraptors… if you made them epic then you may as well take velociraptor and make him epic… lol, blue cant be unique…

Your logic makes no sense, on the surface. Just because something isn’t a hybrid, they can’t be a unique? I don’t recall every seeing anything at all that said a unique must be a hybrid. If anything, Blue is probably the most unique dinosaur we’ve seen in any of the movies, by far. Also, why would placing Blue in a different tier be equatable to taking Velociraptor and making them more than a common…just because both are raptors?

Unique and legendary dinosaurs are only hybrids… there isnt a single non-hybrid dinosaur that is legendary or unique… we cant make blue unique just because she was in the movie…