Why is your game requiring soooo much throughput via data on phones?


3 bars 4g lte walking around the neighborhood and get disconnected all the time. Why do I need 4 or even 5 bars at time to reconnect to your game?


We agree. Me, hubby, kids all play and spend $$. Went on vacation to PA last week and were all sorely disappointed with to constant “disconnects.” It was very frustrating and we all just stopped playing. It is NOT our phones.


Hey rsteube, I’m sorry if you’re having connection trouble, the game uses your device’s GPS to run certain features in the game which is why a stable connection is usually required when playing. If you’re having issues, the troubleshooting steps on this thread might be helpful: Stuck on loaded screen of game?

Feel free to reach out to our support team at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key if you’re still having issues.


Ive done all those things. Im pretty savvy at tech. However. My sons phone, galaxy s6 was still unable to load up. Then 2 hours later once we reached home, his phone was able to run.

The game requires a WAY more stable 4-5 bar 4g LTE at all times to not lose connection and see the purple circle of death. Trust me. we played PoGo since its initiation. Never had this issue like what we are experiencing. And we had pretty darn current phones. The wife and I just bought brand new flagship releases a few months ago, and our sons have 2 axon 7s and my youngest a galaxy s6.
If it was happening on one phone or another I would say… well… maybe its that brand of phone. But when it happens (whatever problem arises) it is on every single phone.

We are now very limited on where we can go. We used to love to walk around the neighborhood (exercise and family bonding) grabbing supply drops and getting DNA. However with every updater this game releases, something else gets broken.

Treasure chests for instance… we finally realized to not click on one until we could actually open it. If we were to click on it prior to reaching the spot where we could open. I could click on the chest all day long without it opening. had to exit the chest click it again, then it would open.

Something needs to happen as there are a few more games on the horizon that will be released that look more promising.

And like this game… POGO had the attachment of certain pokemon. This…? well its a stego. a stego is a stego. its not like its Pikachu that you remember.

The only dinos you have any attachment to are BLUE… etc.

You can’t name dinos, so you can’t personalize your game at all. Everyones velociraptor is the same…

Oh well. No one can give me any answers.

I just want a few answers like…

Are your servers having issues? Is there a higher load on your servers lately causing the higher amount of disconnects? Is it just a coding issue. Did the patch have bad coding that is causing the issues?

Another example of how bad things have become.

I decided to log into the game for the first time today… Just now. And get to 1/22 loading and have an error on screen. Now I have been playing Disney heroes for about 30 minutes prior to this and one of the tapjoy free cash offer apps… a slot game… for about 15 minutes. I exit out of both of those games. Nothing is on my phone (and I do not put hardly anything on my phone. I have 85% storage AVAILABLE, ram is fine, etc). I still get this darn unable to connect to the server error on JWA…

Come on now. Multiple apps open up, and this one doesn’t. I wouldn’t question anything about this if it was one time. BUT IT IS ALL THE TIME. This is getting ridiculous. I have 5bar 4glte due to having my very own cell spot in my house. Its the strongest connection you can get and I still cannot connect to your server.