Why isn’t the center/biggest Tarbognathus the alpha?

Ok so maybe I’m just being nit picky here, but I just unlocked Tarbognathus and something about its design + description is really throwing me off and kinda annoys me. The description states this:

But yet, the actual colours and creatures have the orange cranium on the potentially smallest specimen of the flock. The middle one is clearly the biggest, and sure you can argue that biggest isn’t always alpha, but it’s in the center clearly leading the other 2, and when you tap on it for its animation, the middle one is definitely reaching the highest and making a sort of leader-call… also the creature icon shows the alpha in the middle

So yes this post is technically useless and has no real impact on the game, just an aesthetic issue imo, but maybe this is something Ludia could change, like they did with SR3? Though I doubt that since it’s not an important issue.


Why would you expect anything this company does to make sense?

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