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Why isn't there any (poison) Dino

I was wondering why there isn’t a poisonous Dino.

Like wounding counter. DoT 0.25 when hit by an attack.

I can’t even amagine some Dinosaurs wheren’t poisonous.

What do you guys think of it



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The only ones that I know that are venomous at least to my knowledge is Dilophosaurus and Troodon. But then again the actual Dilophosaurus never had a retractable frill as portrayed in Jurassic Park or in some video games. I believe that was solely for theatrics.

How would it work different to bleed effects?

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Distraction and possibly slow is all I can think of. Maybe damage over time at .15 over 3 rounds?

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That’s not bad though perhaps the effect would be .10 for 3 or .15 or 2. Would give some credence to some smaller dinos hanging with the big boys (girls)

Edit- if it were slightly weaker as an effect it would actually be a great passive, “poison- damage from this creature causes ________”

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I feel like a poison attack could be something similar to “Exploit wound”

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I had an idea one time that poison would work similar to bleed, but do damage based on a % of the target’s attack stat, rather than total health.

I thought about poison. But mine was a little different. Poison attack does 1x damage plus .25 max hp damage per turn. If you swap that dino, it poisons either the dino swapping in or every other dino on the bench. Only way to get rid of it is to let it die.

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it could spread to your swap in dino for one turn. that would be an interesting scenario

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i just said similar hehe

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Poison could cause speed down and remove armor of a dino for a like 2-3 turns, or maybe cause increased health damage the more turns it goes on, like 1st turn 10%, 2nd turn 30%, 3rd turn 50%, to make it diferent from bleed, for the question of no poison dinos, it’ probably because in JP/JW universe there aren’t many of that kind, maybe with cenozoic we could get some venomous snakes, we can only hope

I’m disappointed Dilo doesn’t have a spit attack really.

I imagined a venom ability being a DoT with a minor damage, minor distraction, and minor slow that ramp up dramatically each turn

How about how the old bleed worked,a percentage of your max damage


Poison could be an effect that mixes bleed and distraction. For exemple, a poison move could do 1x damage, distract 40% and bleed .15 of the target’s hp.

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I imagined poison like like venomous counter.
A small Dot .10 for 2–3 turns but cumulative by the turns. Like venomous on touch and gets more wors by every touch