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Why it’s okay to lose the 3(30) tower:

I’ve been posting vids on the forum for a while. Usually I go with mid-level teams just because it’s more fun and adds a little bit of risk/excitement. I also hope it gives some players hope/motivation/ideas on how to tackle the towers.

The squad I bring to the arena wouldn’t really be challenged by 1 or 2 level 30s. And that’s okay! I grind fairly hard, spend a decent bit but not too much that I feel bad about it, and have worked to create (what I think is) a decent team. I’m definitely nowhere amongst the best in this game, nor will I pretend to be.

But, I saw a few posts that there would be backlash after tomorrow’s Tower (assumed to be level 30: indoraptor, blue and styg). This is a tower i think literally almost everyone will lose. And that’s okay. This tower may serve as something bigger. Maybe it’s meant to keep top players humble…and everyone else motivated.

Last week we had 2 epic towers. This time we have 3. If we fail tomorrow, don’t stress, just remember there were 2 others this week to keep the playing field as even as lasts weeks’.

That being said: Good luck everyone!

(Record & share your attempts if you can. At the very least, we can laugh/cry together)


I would not hesitate to record this one and cross my fingers really hard to succeed ^^’

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Great post its a game that needs to test the best not just hand out free incubators to the best i see myself losing this tower but think we need more towers like it

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Totally agreed with you. Although I know I don’t stand a chance against this tower still I’ll give it a try.

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This is going to be a test of my team and skill with what I have. Since they are 3 quite fast dino’s, I’ll feel lucky if I get 2 of them which is what I calculated so far at worst case what I would do if I were running the level 30 team. I did not calculate critical hits from mine or the three and if I get lucky that they do a basic hit, I may get farther.

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Totally agree! That’s a great post for everyone so that they could be calmer about next strike. It’s really a challenge and it’s ok not to pass it.
You’re right, we had 2 other epic strikes this week so it’s not a problem if we don’t get third one.

And to be honest, I like this challenge. It’s the first time when I have to plan my strategy, calculate damage and hope not to get crits :slight_smile:


What’s sad, is i expect the reward will be the same for this tower as it is for just the Indoraptor. That seems really lame. If someone can beat the 3x30 tower, it should be a premium incubator.


No argument there …
Just FYI: the last/only premium incubator I got was when I leveled up to Lockwood a few months ago …
I’ll tell ya, 800+ epic DNa split betwee secodonto and grypo did not make me feel any better :man_facepalming:t4::sweat_smile:


@Hersh, it’s not okay! It’s enough we have to deal with many frustrations already as is. We simply can’t take any more beatings especially from this tower. We shall find a way to help the majority of the folks here achieve success!


Not know this situation. And no post about everything.

My only frustration right now is the Ignorance of spoofing on leaderboard by the developers/mods/investors (all of Ludias stakeholders) but this isn’t the thread for that :man_shrugging:t4:


Sorry don’t get what you mean

we didnt come here to lose. if one of us goes down the next will step up!! we will share our victory together as men, women, brothers and sisters with honor!! we shall be victors tommorow!!!




I intend to win tomorrow’s tower, even if it costs me 200 hard cash. Maybe even 500 cash!
Will wait for @DinoL3o info gathering efforts and chalk out few plans based on my existing team.




Can we share the dna aswell if someone else wins haha

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no but you can watch me use it. with honor!!

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Haha worth a shout. All i need is what dino comes first then its game on


Haha. I was just happy to clear the gold one today w out taking a loss! It’ll take luck + impeccable strategy for me to beat the 3/30.

I am not holding my breath. :joy:

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It’s all free stuff, nothing to complain about really. When the game first launched, the strike towers weren’t even a thing.