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Why its say faild to connect the game server

why its say faild to connect the game server in jurassic world the game


It does this from time to time with me.

Have you tried closing the game then switching the Wifi connection off (on your phone) and then switching back on again sometimes this helps me.

I’ll try thnx

Do you have any other apps running at the same time? I get this sometimes when I’m running spotify, I dont think JW likes me listening to metal at the same time as playing :sweat_smile:

Failing that it could be where your phones storage is low, or your rams pretty full

My storge is 128 gb and ram 6 gb am I joke to you the issue from the game server

Yes but it will show this message if Rams being used up also but there maybe another problem then

Try restarting your phone, this also helps me sometimes

Delete this pic your support key is being visible…

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I tired everything its not work bruh its my best game

Sorry to hear bro, try re installing maybe? If not contact support

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