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Why Jurassic World Alive is Not Pay2Win


I’m probably going to get a lot of heat for this. Whether you guys choose to read it ir not is on you. But I would like to take a moment or two to explain why Jurassic World Alive is not “pay2win”.

I’ve been seeing a bunch of posts here, all complaining that this game is “pay2win” when in actuality it isn’t. This game is not any kind of rpg, has no real progression like beating a boss, and no dlc (downloadable content). It’s not like other mobile games out there where real world cash would be required to progress. But why not this one? Why not JWA?

Because this game is not meant to be played like those who empty their bank accounts perceive.

This game is meant to be played how players are supposed to be playing the game: getting outside, stretching their legs, getting fresh air in their lungs, and actually looking for dinosaurs. Why do you think the prices are so high for incubators? Because those who’d rather sit around spending their cash on a free mobile game instead of something of greater significance fail to see that Ludia is telling us to play the game as it’s meant to be played.

Sure, we have hackers and spoofers that can ruin the game. Though some players may spoof for reasons other than cheating. For example, if the weather’s not favorable (if it’s too hot, humid, or too cold, raw out), if they’re injured, if they can’t otherwise move around as freely (having jobs included), they may spoof. Nothing wrong with innocent spoofing. As long as they aren’t going crazy with it, it’s not fully cheating in my eyes. Now using a third-party source to give yourself more gold and cash, hacking for insta-wins/loses, taking away attack buttons, you crossed a line, several, actually. Why bother playing the game if that’s all you’re gonna do?

Let’s also talk about Event Dinos real quick, and why it’s a good idea to only have one try for Legendaries and Uniques. This is another one I see quite a bit. Imagine if you will an Indoraptor in the first Arena, and you’re the new player with a Lv1 Sarchosuchas. Does that sound fair to you? Sure, the arena is messed up, yes, but they are not matching for levels; they’re matching the amount of trophies you have. That’s why you’re facing a T-Rex in Mt. Sibo. Do you see what I’m getting at? The reason why the dna totals per dart, as well as the one shot is so no one is super overpowered from the getgo. Ludia is very smart making that the way it is.

Is JWA “pay2win”? Only if you make it so. You have no one to blame but yourself if you decide to drain your bank accounts into a free mobile game. Get outside, play it how it’s meant to be played. Want ViP? Go for it, it’s beneficial. Other than that, don’t waste your money on a play2win free game; save it for that car payment.

P.S. I’d like to add something extra. Guys, this game is still new. It’s going to take time to update things to a point it’s “easier” for all players. I’ve made posts about what Ludia could do, like turning in coins for cash, the dna trading, etc. It’s only been a couple months, everyone. Give the game a chance. There’s a lot that goes into making any kind of game, and turning a fun experience into a bad one because you ended up ruining it for yourself and/or others, isn’t helping in the slightest. Also as I’ve said numerous times, I don’t care for rank. Being the “best of the best” isn’t worth it to me. I play for the fun. I love dinosaurs, always have. Aside from Dinosaur Battles, this is probably the best dino game I’ve seen in a long time. You’re collecting dinosaurs. There’s a “simplistic” battle system where things don’t get out of control, and no type dis/advantages either. While it could use some sprucing up, I think it’s fine as it is.

Pay To Win - Defined

I subscribed JWA, also bought every one time offer.
Must directly say, this isn’t Pay2Win game, but a Pay2Play game.
Especially when you play more.

Take a look for my deck, my best score for this week is around 100+.

But the 2 legends in my team could be created by event dinos, this means they are easier to have than others.
Also, I spent lots of time hunting DNA, but rare & epic dinos are too uncommon, so my best members are V-raptor.Majun &Einia. Quite a cheap team, isn’t it?

And…now see my V-raptor. Need 90000 coins to level up. Every spin will only give you average 100 or fewer coins. How could I keep raise her up?


This proves my point still. You only made it Pay2Play because you wanted to in some form.


I don’t cheat, and spend 2~3 hours everyday hunting dinos outside.
Than I am not allowed to keep raise my dinos, or I must pay more to buy their coins.

Isn’t this sounds tricky?


Not saying you cheated, I’m just saying you turned it into Pay2Play for whatever reason. Therefor, that’s how you’re gonna see it.


I’ve read the whole thread, and here’s the thing. You claim that there is no real progression, but there is some kind of progression, and that is arenas. Winning matches and going up in the arenas is the key motivation of improving your dinosaurs. You may just go around catching them for the fun of it (I do too sometimes) but their purpose is after all the battle. Each time you get to a higher arena, you get rewards in the form of better incubators. Hence, there is progression, and there is some kind of “winning” (getting to arena 7, getting to top 500, improving your rank…). And in order to achieve those objectives that could globally be considered “winning”, you most likely have to pay. I’m not really talking about the shop incubators, those are just shortcuts and you are right that it’s maybe a good thing the prices are high, so that people have to go out and hunt. That’s the way this game is supposed to be played, after all, and that’s fine. No, the big problem of this game, what makes it P2W, is the coin issue. You can spend 6+ hours a day hunting for dinosaurs, having fun collecting DNA, but then you get home to see what you got, level dinos up and do some matches to test them, only to find out you barely have coin to level up one of the 40 new dinosaurs you got. Currently leveling my velociraptor requires 50k coin, which would take a crazy amount of hours grinding supply drops (hint: that’s not fun) for several days just to get 1 more level for 1 dinosaur. Right now, it’s impossible to compete for high spots because levels are too high and you will never achieve those levels without buying coins for real money, no matter how much DNA you collect. That is literally P2W

Can you still enjoy the game without spending real money? Sure thing. Because you don’t need to win to enjoy it. But yes, it IS P2W


If you’re competitive I guess, then yeah, getting into higher arenas would be progression, but I just don’t see it as such. I’m just not that type because I’ve seen what it does: blind the crap out of you. Again, rank doesn’t matter to me as much; I’ve been there in other games and it really does ruin the fun, 'cause then that’s all you start caring about. And I know a ton about grinding, I’ve only dine that like crazy throughout the years. It sucks, it’s awful, and I agree they could cut down the coin costs. I just have a high refusal to see it as a high competitive “all-or-nothing” game, y’know? I’m taking the other route on this one.


To be honest, I’m not that competitive either. I wanted to be in arena 7 more because of the incubators than anything else. Now I’m stuck in ~3300 trophies and I’m fine with it, I’m not crazy about going up. But that’s our choice, if we just want to enjoy the fun of collecting dinosaurs and battling in lower arenas. As I said, the game can be enjoyed without winning. But objectively, if something can be considered winning, it’s what I mentioned above, and that makes the game P2W like it or not. Again, my point is that it’s a perfectly enjoyable game for a F2P, but it is P2W.

If you are not competitive, then no online game will be P2W for you because you will not need to be at the top in PVP, but that’s just your play style. The game still qualifies as P2W by definition


I think that’s just because you use a non-mainstream strategy to play this game.
So you can’t get the points why people complain.

Just like…if you play any other gotcha game, but only log in and hoard magic stones, then draw cards.
Whether if this game give so many hard core dungen, it won’t impact you.


I have played other gotcha games, got 4 of them on my phone. And yes, hoarding the one gem that can’t be obtained otherwise is always the best strategy. Though in terms of Gotcha (another thing people go nuts over here), the worst offender in terms of chances is Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. When they have their summon events from the games (like ffx), you’ll get the sidekick (Wakka in this case) more than you’ll ever see the main (Tidus in thus one, though I did finally get him). This one’s gotcha has chances, not guarantees unless stated. They assume they’ll get the dino pictured, and when they don’t they want their money back, and I don’t mean the in-game cash.


I still fail to see how it’s Pay2Win when there are shortcuts…well, one for the moment, but us falling in “rank” really such a bad thing when in the long run it’ll help you stock up on dna and coins? Tedious as hell, yes, but not the worst thing on the planet. At least you fight real players instead of Indoraptors.


I spent $10 (mostly just to way thanks to the devs for a fun game) and did some of the tapjoy offers and I am only about 100 trophies from reaching the final stage. So even using arenas as progression this game can realistically be completed without spending a dime of real money. It’s therefore not pay2win. It could be considered pay2excell, or pay2winfaster, but is not in any way pay2win


Come on, I’m right with you, I’ve only spent 10€ and I’m already on arena 7, I’ve been there since shortly after I became VIP. But at some point, your progress gets blocked and you literally can’t advance anymore unless you pay real money. That’s like saying it’s P2W


Bro, u dont need to lvl up that v-raptor anymore. Put all that DNA into I-raptor dude, youll be all set. Plus, if you get a couple of 24 hr incubators, youll get lots of coin. Just save all that and work on one dino after the other. Thats my way of doing it, anyway. Did that for Clash Royale, its the same concept for me here :slightly_smiling_face:


Are you saying to work on one hybrid over another, or something else? Lol, I got like a bunch of dinos that need serious boosting, so I’m dropping down from Arena 5 to grind up.


Wait hold up. You say you don’t cheat…but what’s that joystick-looking thing in those screenshots?

And actully, what with the thousands of darts? They should only cap at 140.


Well, basically thats what im saying lol. Collect a lot of the base DNA for the hybrids, create and lvl those hybrids, then once you have a sense of their abilities, go ahead and work on the next hybrid. Im not saying you cant continue to level up the previous hybrid. You can totally do that if you want. Thats how i do it. Also, i like to work on two, maybe three at a time


Im currently working on the Indom and Stegoceratops hybrids atm… im so close to getting that stegoceratops though!! :sob:


One of the best posts around :smile:
I do agree that the game is no pay to win even though i try to play it highly competitiv (i even managed to get to top 100 last week). I’ve invested quite some money into the game but still even with a very good team there’s still no guaranty you win. It still depends on a bit of luck and quite some strategies. If you play smart and know the cooldowns and delays of the different moves and the moves and stats of the most meta dinos and how to counter them you can get very far with that. I still get snacked by those lv30 bots or other players sometimes xD investing money really isn’t even such an high indicator for winning in this game xD


Ah, gotchya. I think I have a couple hybrids in my team so…makes things difficult, lol!