Why Jurassic World: The Game is so Pay to Win

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I don’t agree with you (completely), even I don’t pay to play, but I manage it pretty good.

  1. Battle Stage reshuffles have affected players, but it doesn’t mean that one cannot manage the game.
  2. Yes, I do agree on that, but still many on this forum have provided good tips on how to make bucks, that too a good amount.
  3. No, Big NO. So many players daily post how they completed certain fights, share some tips on how to beat the AI. But then the problem must be the player, maybe one can’t recognize the AI’s pattern, or one doesn’t have a balanced lineup; OR the player isn’t patient enough (and to stress it, this game is about patience), because one can easily get back to the event after their creature’s cooldown time is done. Or you are trying to say that you can’t do all the events during the tournaments, because they are not meant to be done (at least not all of them).
  4. That is entirely relative because VIP has other features than providing access to Solid Gold+ packs, what about the 18 month rewards, the DNA, S-DNA facility, an extra food production facility, Instant fuses, Instant Hatches, Instant Cooldowns, and many more. That is a pretty good investment of money (the VIP subscription) if you plan on playing the game for a long time. So only stating downsides isn’t going to prove your point.
  5. Again, No. Tournaments test your experience and your lineup (there are so many threads just on this topic). Players win because of the progress they have made.
  6. BIG NO!!! In App Purchases aren’t mandatory, nobody is forcing you to make them. IAP’s are just for faster progress in the Game, or players who are willing to pay a lot of money for the sake of Progress (some do have good reasons like: some extra pocket money to spend, etc. which isn’t bad). I can’t stress this enough but This Game Is About Patience. Many players on the forums have progressed slowly and patiently, they have shared stories, tips and so much more to help other players progress faster than they did but at a considerable rate, because nobody wants to grind 24/7.

All in all, this game may have its cons for non-paying players but then the pros also outweigh the cons by a lot.


First of all, your statements are extremely opinionated; The vip subscription may not be worth it for you, but it may be worth it for other folks. You also stated that you get “nothing from vip but solid gold+ packs.” This is completely false. There is the daily 2400 dna, the s-dna production building, the extra vip event, etc…It seems as if all of your points are based on your personal experiences, rather than the community’s experiences. You also say things like “it makes us mad”, which assumes what everyone thinks. Some people may not be bothered. As I and countless others have stated, this game is a game of patience. This entire post is your bias; it is inconsiderate to the community. My intention while writing this post was to convey a point, not to be rude.


Pay ?

I’ve been a little over 2 years (October 2019) and I’ve only paid for one month of VIP.

Currently, like many other users in the forum, there is no tournament or event that I cannot pass, creature that I cannot get (the amber thing was an addition that helped a lot for some hybrids) without having to invest any $$$.

I think you have to really understand the game and its model first to make such claims. There are several posts where they advise how to improve the production of any resource, strategies and other details of the game.

You absolutely do not need to pay for anything in order to win or upgrade your park.

In conclusion, the model of these games is based on:

Invest time in the game or pay to speed up that process (which with all the advice and posts in the forum should not be necessary).

I have even verified that you can stay in Dominator using only Diplotator lvl 40 and Triceratops gen 1 (I made a video series of the process)

If you don’t have or are not willing to invest any of those 2 , then this game is not for you.

The best thing would be to direct your time to another type of game that does not require invest “so much” time and you can easily move forward in a couple of weeks and avoid getting frustrated by things like that.

Excellent decision, see you later. Close the door behind you


We can’t “win” the game. We just play on


This paragraph alone shows me that you have no idea how helpful VIP is.


I understand that you have an issue with the payment model in this game, but can we drop this new thread for every opinion that is constantly rehashed. Now lets dive into your points.

Yes, and this was a poor mistake imo on their end. HOWEVER, they still provide ways to gain these out of rotation dinos, like through PVP/Modded PvP and the amber market. It’s not strictly pay to obtain copies.

False. I have amassed 145,000 (as of today) dbux and I am a pretty frivolous spender, spending about 2k DB to instant hatch my tourney dinos when they still have 2 days left. I don’t buy DB or pay for fidelity. Yes, they removed DB from Gold Rewards packs, but they have buffed it in other ways. F4F now provides 200 DB over 120, daily missions, and that’s just what I can list off the top of my head.

There is plenty of strats to get DB, like stockpiling Apata fossils.

Nope, it comes down to the level of your park and the ferocity of your top roster. IF you are level 75 and have a L20 Trex as your top dino, then the game assumes you are far behind where you should be, as some events require a certain ferocity before playing. COT is one example. Eventslike F4F go off your top dinos.

  • Not a rip off
  • Not expensive.

As I said countless times before, you can play this game completely free without spending a dime, SEVERAL players here have done just that.

With ANY F2P game, you either have time, or money to progress. But this game is extremely fair when to compared to other mobile games, that shove ads in your face, or have 7 day+ wait times.

Your opinion is not fact.

This is totally false. There is NO PvP in this game, at all. It’s all just an illusions. All you need is a wide enough roster and a team that allows you to win Dom battles. IF you can’t win, then focus on your lineup. To do so just. Hatch. Dinos. That you obtain via events and by earning DNA.

False. You. Do. Not. Need. The. Packs. To. Progress. They simply provide resources. In order to progress a lot off the packs, you have to be a whale of a player. Aka, drop thousands of dollars in this game in one session.

Against forums guidelines.


Wouldn’t this be considered trolling?


I’ll address your points further on, but first some broad thoughts. First of all, there are many players here in the forums and in the greater Community at large that have not paid a single solitary cent and are extremely successful players. Second, life is too short to play games that you dislike. If this, or any other game, is not enjoyable it is a signal to reevaluate why you play that game. No one is forcing you to participate. That said, on to your points:

No one is a fan of the Battle Stage Reshuffle. But that doesn’t make it pay-to-win. You can obtain whatever creatures you need through gameplay. The more packs you open and prize wheels you spin, the more copies of those locked creatures you will accumulate. There is now the Amber Market, along with the Dinobuck Market when you need to seek targeted creatures. Dinobucks and Amber can both be earned by gameplay. And yes, the more you play (aka grind) the faster those resources accumulate.

Dinobucks were taken out of many packs, such as the Golden Rewards Pack, and the Boss Raid Missions. But Bucks can still be had in the game. Again you have to grind, particularly by working the Trade Harbor. Sufficiently grinding away at PVP will also allow you to land on the big Dinobuck prizes on those spin wheels.

If you are not winning at PVE, you need to take a good hard look at both your lineup and your tactics. Many player have contributed to multiple threads about finding solutions to the PVE puzzles presented to us. Other players, most especially @Sionsith, post videos of their strategies for various PVE events. Study these. Learn from them. From various comments, you appear to be a fan of Gaming Beaver. While his style of play may serve his YouTube purposes, it is in no way set up for stable, daily play. His Ferocity is designed to showcase creatures and not win PVE. Recognize the difference. If you want to adopt a style of play similar to his, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I would strongly urge you to get your lineup into a position where you can at the least be successful in tournaments before you do so. That way you will be able to unlock new tournament releases and get the latest creatures.

Agree to disagree 100% here. Spending money is the only legal way to cut into the time commitment this game requires for what most players consider success. And the VIP subscription is hands-down the most efficient method of spending money in this game. The extra events each day (with resources), double the loyalty points, monthly-ish VIP tournaments, access to the loyalty point tickets in the Prize Drop lottery, direct resources such as the VIP Food and DNA and S-DNA buildings, the instant hatchery and fusion buildings, and two additional custom trades are an incredible return on investment. But the best part of it is, this is completely optional. If you don’t want to join or if circumstances prevent you from joining, you can still do everything in the game except getting certain creatures will be extremely difficult, ie the 35k creatures.

If you are struggling with tournaments either your lineup is too weak for Dominator which can be fixed just by playing the game OR you don’t understand how tournament matchups are created. Again, I direct you to the various tournament threads describing tactics and offering advice as well as @Sionsith 's most excellent videos. You can always seek out advice from the Community for specific questions.

Most of the in-ap purchases are a rip-off. I have bitten on a few decorations such as the Haast Eagle statue or the recent Cenozoic diorama. Haast Eagles are useable depending in your strategy,
but the others actually go against my gameplay because they are not as good a decoration as Clock Towers and John Hammond statues. But here’s the good news. You don’t have to buy them. It really is that simple. I have my devices set uo to request confirmation for in-app purchases, so I can’t accidentally make one. Again, if a purchase doesn’t make sense to you, don’t make it. It is optional. Many players never make a single one. And it doesn’t hurt their gameplay.

Now on the other hand, if you want make progress quickly, the fastest way is to crack open the piggy bank and max out the credit cards. That’s not responsible gameplay by any definition, but the resources and creatures will flow like water.

At the end of the day, everything you do in this game is your choice. If you are not satisfied with the results of your choices, study the game and get better or quit playing and save everyone, most especially yourself the headaches and frustration.


I’d rather waste my time grinding.

I’d suggest to go through the Forum Rules and Appeals Process and FAQ - Ludia Forums. Being sarcastic is fine, however I’m not entirely sure if being toxic is.

I don’t mean to be rude in what I say up ahead.

Your points on why JWtG is apparently pay to play… Others here have already rectified those in a much better way than I ever could, as they had done in all your previous threads of similar context. Looking at this thread, it is clear you either never went through any of those past replies or totally ignored them.

Making so many threads (in theory, it could be considered as spamming to some extent) again and again trying to convince us with your opinions when we already stated the facts earlier is neither funny nor justified.