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Why? Just Why?

So, I was trying the Epic Discovery battle a few minutes ago, but when I went to battle, this happened.

I was so frustrated, every single time I’m against a Cenozoic, the game lags and when I try to pick a move, they’re gone!

And switching doesn’t help. Does anyone have this issue too?

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Yes, and the game lags when they spawn on the map. Today has been a little rough. As is every Tuesday and Thursday with the daily spawns.


Yeah i have the same problem. I haven’t seen much of a response about it in this forum though, surprisingly. Even after i posted a video of it. I can’t even dart those new things because I’m not stopping the car for a torturous experience and 40 DNA. I’ll be so far behind if these things ever get a hybrid because i can’t even hunt them. And i hate when bots bog down the whole game by using them.


I already posted 2x about this problem but Ludia hasnt even bothered about it. My solution is buying a new phone, since it prob has to do something with how old your phone is

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Exactly my point, when everybody is swimmin on cenozoics and finally has a hybrid, me and a couple of others will be waaaay behind. So i guess just embrace it? Im tired with Ludia, so I gave up after 2 posts

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@Ned another Cenozoic model bug sufferer. 22 days and counting.

I can post the boilerplate support devs are looking at it paragraph if you want, or wait until you support guys are back on? :slight_smile:

To answer your question @TyrannosaurGen2 when they packaged the 1.7 models someone decided to do things a little differently, or something in their 3d production environment changed and they didn’t realise or care. so either ignorance, or incompetence?

Maybe a little bit of both.

The result is pink blobs in place of the Cenozoics, frame rate drops, lost arena battles etc. Seems to affect older phones running android 5, with Huawei phones featuring heavily.

There are now C.10 separate threads about this issue dating back 22 days, the forum mods don’t seem to want to group them all up in the same thread for some reason.

Perhaps it would look too embarrassing to have the same thread bumped so often?

If it is just affecting Huawei phones, that sucks honestly since my current phone is a Huawei Y6 and i was gonna buy a new huawei phone

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You’d better not buy a new huawei…
Since ANDROID might not support their cellphone anymore.

O yea, i read a couple of articles of huawei being banned in US, and also another article how Google is pulling out all of its apps off of Huawei, BECAUSE of US’s ban on Huawei phones.

Same issue on an older LG K425 phone w/ Android 7.0, (yeah I know …upgrade). Works fine on everything else - it’s just the new creatures that bog it down.
I did find that if you tap where the moves are supposed to be it will eventually react.

Not just huawei… happens on my kids moto e play… my galaxy s8 there just another dino.

There’s no way i would buy a new phone just for this game. I don’t care that much. I’d quit before i do that. This game barely works anymore.


I know only once ever I bought a device specifically thinking about a game.

When I moved from using iPhone for 1.5 years back to Android, I was playing and in love with “Infinity Blade” which is iOS exclusive and for that I had to buy an iPod touch to keep playing its newer version + updates.

But now I recall those days and that Infinity Blade game (was awesome).

I’m sorry to hear that you are having lag issues with the Cenozoic creatures, @TyrannosaurGen2, and I can understand your frustration. Rest assured that our team is actively working on a fix for this.

In the meantime, if this happens again during your Strike battles, could you force close your game and then relaunch it and see if your abilities return?

I’m running moto e5 plus 0 issues.