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Why keep fighting same person over and over in arena?

Please Ludia fix your game and annoying for people.

Too much random in fighting, arena loading timeout issue where you already in background fight and lost, and then on top seeing same player over and over and when they just killing you every time.

I just faced same guy 3x times (and 2x back to back and 1x after like more than 1 hour later but still 3rd fight in sequence); this happened too many time already but now this time it was annoying. That person made me lose around 100 trophies and gained lot more.

Please fix these issue ASAP else me and my friends (who all are good spender in game) quit. At-least we already spending much less than before and will stop completely.

If you and your opponent weren’t on at the same time looking for battles, you wouldn’t match up. And, if you and your opponent are the only ones on and couldn’t battle then you would be whining about finding no battles or bots.



I better fight the bot rather than same person every time. Is really Ludia not capable of having bots available at all times?

People complained about fighting bots all the time so they increased wait times to pair you up with a real person. Can’t have both low wait times AND not fight a lot of bots, especially as you go up the ladder, esp. if you’re playing when there aren’t a lot of people on. Hence, you end up playing the ppl in your range over and over again.


Personally I enjoy fighting the same person, especially when we each win/lose a match. I always try for a third to break the tie.


There’s nothing to fix. You got your similar match up.

Simmer down.

What you get to see someone’s battle strategy over and over and are able to adapt to counter it completely?? Wish I had the same opponent over and over again!