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Why level 26?


I can’t seem to find the topic in this forum. Can anyone shed light on why dinos are set to level 26 in friendly battles? Why not 20, 25, 30? Same goes for stats discussion, I see that level 26 is often use as an example.

Is it because level 26 is like the sweet spot for dino levels or is there another reason for this?


i’ve always assumed they’d read a very heavily abridged hitchhiker’s guide.


Yeah I wondered this too… :thinking:


Personally I think you’re dinosaurs should stay at their level that is in the game! That way the friend battle will be a learning battle!


I dont know why its used for friendly battles, but from what I’ve seen on metahub’s tier lists and dinodex; it’s because the Health and Damage stats even out into nice, round numbers at that level, or at the very least multiples of ten.


No, freindly battles can be better for learning if both are 26 because you can learn how to counter one dino with another of the same level without leveling it so you can know what to invest in or not.

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I think we should have the option to set the battle at 26, 30 or our own creature’s level so that we can test all circumstances.


Not only on metahub.
If you open your game, tap any dino in arena incubator dinos list, you could see detail stats & moves of it.
That stats is also unified in lv26.

So I think their stats base line is lv26. Any other level stats are calculated.
Might be lv26-stats * (1.05 ^ (current-level - 26))


Wonder why 26 is the baseline, makes me feel like I have to level everything to minimum 26 to be “up to par” by Ludia standard :rofl:


Level 26 would be the base level of any hybrid created with a unique. Maybe they have plans to release “super unique” hybrids, but nothing beyond that, so they used level 26 as a baseline.


@Sara or @Ned??
maybe can help tell us the reasoning and rationale why every update we use lvl 26 as reference stats? why not 30?

because until now we still wonder and no answers here

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I believe 26 was the max when they began the game. Stats were calculated at this level (this is why L26 has nice round numbers for the damage and hp stats. Later they decided to increased the max to L30. That’s my understanding anyway.