Why Lidia didn’t give 2.9 compensation properly

Just wanna point out that Lidia isn’t god that they’d know everything people would do during campfire week and so the premium incubator was the best they could do due to the fact that they didn’t know if someone doesn’t epwant that DNA or doesn’t epwant to play that week or isn’t qualified for some raids so really that was the best they can do also if something like this happpens again just be happy that they developed a tool to see who’s having problems and fix it

@Indotaurus_Enjoyer @Jurassic_Fury @GermanRaptor what are your thoughts on the idea

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Because it would be a lot of effort to individually compensate those who were locked out, so they just threw everyone a lame incubator in hopes that everyone would shut up. It was pathetic and downright offensive. I’m offended and I wasn’t even locked out. I probably would’ve quit this game if that happened to me. Like, having a bug that affects logging in is one thing, but the response to those affected was abhorrent …


well yeah but what could they do they dont know everyones preferneces