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Why lol

We are going to take a long time to unlock the new apex dinosaur

They’re giving you a free dinosaur that starts at level 26. That is a win for the players no matter what way you spin it.


Yesssssss! Muahahahahahahahhaha

Never mind

Uhhh obviously it’s a very strong Dino

And how long does it take to unlock a Unique? You need to understand that this dino is supposed to be tougher to unlock than a Unique.

Insulting the person you’re talking to will never help in getting your argument across.

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This boss isn’t that free tbh I mean you’re supposed to beat it with almost a Max level team and they must be good rarities

The grind on this guy would be a pain specially invites on coop are so broken

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You can only get 10 dna a week for mortem rex? (Can someone confirm this) if this is true and say it takes 300 dna to unlock you would have to successfully beat an insanely powerful boss every single week for around 7 months just to create it much less level it up. And to win vs it you need a max level team with tons of boosts and if your that strong you don’t even need mortem rex lol

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Yes and i only know one unique

I got my indoraptor olny from events