Why Ludia’s Balancing Strategy Will Be the End of the Casual Experience

A fantastic opinion piece by a regular member of the community. Y’all check it out and I’m interested to hear your thoughts on it!


i am casual player and yes its true… but im mostly a collector not a fighter so this dont affect me i just do one battle at the start of each month to update my arena score :moyai:


Great article!

Though I honestly believe a boost reshuffle isn’t going to make the slightest bit of difference, as the game’s problems run deeper than that.

If the game is to be well and truly balanced, the Resistances need to be completely gutted and reevaluated.


Pretty much sums up my situation. F2P and still running with the same team from 2.7 / 2.8. It could be argued this is my own fault for being unwilling to sacrifice 50% of my boosts to reallocate but I’ve invested a lot of time grinding those boosts and don’t think I should be punished for wanting to better my line up.

I stupidly had high hopes that Jam City would come along and shake things up a little bit it’s looking like they are very much in the mindset as Ludia.

Long and short of it is that myself and a lot of other players are frustrated but through habit, addiction of just plain stupidity carry on regardless :frowning:


Thanks for this article ! That was one of the reasons I started losing interest last year and quit … the amount of time / effort / plus money for one creature and all of the sudden became obsolete… that’s coming from someone who’s spent a lot too , not just the FTP.

When I came back to this game after more than a year of absence , the game has changed so much . And yes , my reliable old Dinos couldn’t keep up with the new meta anymore . But I realized I still like the game … so I just have to adapt with the change … change the way I play and my goals in this game .


A very good, meaningful and very sensitive contribution that probably speaks to 99% of all players from the deepest gamer soul. With every sentence I can understand how the individual players feel. I, too, have already put down the game and had to reorient myself when re-entering. Much was changed quasi without cause very strongly in the negative.

But what is the whole discussion if the responsible persons of Ludia has no open ear for his players.

If we didn’t have the many great servers on Discord in English and German-speaking countries and the cross-border cooperation, a very, very large number of frustrated players would no longer be in the game.

Hereby also a big thank you to all in the community, especially from GamePress, that at least via Discord the concerns of the players are thought of.

From Ludia come only updates with, among other things, announced new bugs…


What can i say, they spoke the factual truth. With no boost shuffle in ages, new, better creatures on the rise. Unless your the top 1-2% there’s no way to stay up in the arena. I myself have a decent team, however I’m only in library so these top creatures aren’t seen as much at a high lvl. However that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen the huge changes in the top top arenas. Thankfully my team hasn’t been hit by the nerf hammer to hard (only hadros and ceramagnus) but by the buff hammer (Utarinix). Regardless, this isn’t how you keep a player base happy. Let me know if I said something factually wrong or if you have something to happen. (also yes I’m free to play)


Congrats for the article and thanks to be our voice. Totally agree. Ludia listen please.


Very good article.

The power creep is starting to get to me now, especially after watching my half boosted Utasinoraptor’s performance against the newer dinos. I don’t have a problem with mild power creep, really, but it was beyond a joke how much more power the newer dinos had by comparison. Utasino couldn’t even keep up with unboosted flocks 5-8 levels less than her.

This is also another problem with the game, particularly the newer dinos (again). Far, far too many resistances are being added.


Anyone thinking Ludia cares or worse actually will change anything is delusional.

This game is built on a horrible PvP system which has created a horrible playerbase in terms of attitude and etiquette. Having emotes doesn’t help. If the game had pivoted to raids and hunting, it would be infinitely better since its more coop play in raids and more personal goals when hunting.

Instead we have a 1 dimensional anger fest that is supposedly PvP but is more of a game time drain.

As someone who could keep up with the meta, honestly I dun see it as a good thing. I dun feel I am enjoying PvP which is in the best days tolerable and worst days downright break something awful.

It’s now about addiction not fun that is keeping many whales playing and paying. Once they break their addiction like what one of the above players said, they will leave.

Ludia’s idea of trying to cash grab isn’t targeting the 1 place that can hook more players the coop side. Raids and alliance. If they can reward raiding more and having a good alliance more without smearing the waste material that is PvP on it, JWA will be much better. Dun talk to me about AC, that is 1 reason I nearly left my alliance. Didn’t want to PvP anymore.

When you are spending time trying to get that 1 8h inc instead of sleeping or doing something better, then its addiction not fun that is keeping you here.

Nothing about balancing the game or boost shuffles will make the game any more fun.


I’m even afraid that if we did get a boost reset (and we DO deserve one at this point), it’ll just make the power creep worse. One of the only things stopping me from running more of the top-meta dinos (like the four listed in this article) is that most of my boosts are stuck on off-meta picks. Once I get my boosts back, those off meta dinos will be moved to the bench, and I imagine many other players will be doing the same. The overcentralization on a handful of OP dinos will become even more apparent at lower and lower trophy counts.


A lesson that the company needs to learn, is that no matter what game someone is playing you cant just make a change that invalidates tons of work and/or money, this is not only annoying but it actually begins planting the thought seed in the players mind that “whats the point, why bother?”.

See players tolerance for frustration is finite, everyone will come to a point where they figure there is no point in continuing, so either give up and quit (this is the route I took) or just play so infrequently that they may as well not even be considered a player.

For me the thing that planted the “why do I bother?” seed was boosts, see I used to grind a LOT for hours, so seeing a max boosted dinosaur thats easy to create suddenly one shot your team was disheartening.

I also feel that Ludia rather than accepting constructive criticism, they often double down on the thing that frustrates us…this could be coz of higher ups calling the shots for profit reasons, or the lack of staff willing to be blunt and tell their managers “Look, I get what you want to do but its not a good idea, its going to make things worse”.

Basically the game needs not only to be fun, but give the player the feeling of their being an actual point to continuing playing, see if a player strives to unlock some super rare creature only to see it gutted a week after they get it, it becomes off putting and there is no incentive to bothering, especially if the other route (merely having fun) is sapped away with balance issues.

In short I say this to Ludia - Don’t make the game feeling like a carrot and stick or a mouse on a wheel, or being stuck in quicksand struggling to get anywhere, this WILL plant the seed of quitting.


The moving of the goalposts faster than all but the top 1% of spending players can keep up with is what is killing the game for me personally.

I’ve been stuck at the 5800-6200 trophy count for months bc I can’t level up and fully boost the new, better uniques every month. All my boosts are tied up in antiquated Dino’s that were viable endgames 2-3 months ago.

We were told Apexes would be the top tier, then spent months grinding out raids as an alliance only for them to be nerfed. Many of us stuck all of our boosts on the apexes thinking they would be safe from the constant rebalancing. Now, NONE of the top players in Shores run even one Apex bc they aren’t currently viable end game dinos.

With a monthly boost reset, this wouldn’t be an issue, esp if the updates moved to a 3 month cycle.

Ludia’s moving at a brutal pace right now, and imo, an unsustainable one. If there’s none of us left in a year, who will these top 1% spenders beat up on to accumulate their 8000-16000 trophy hauls?


I think it would be nice if they implemented a beta test arena for the next patch, this could allow large amounts of players to test out the new changes in a real world setting, which could actually lead to the early discovery of game breaking bugs or balance issues.

For instance if they are planning to increase the attack and speed of a certain dinosaur, well we could see the new changes in action and see how it plays out and any potential issues.
Are we suddenly finding that its speed increase have changed its average win rate from 50% to 90%? well then we know it was an over buff and can lower the speed a little.

Anyway just an idea.

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Very good article and it brings up some very good points and I also relate to the smilo part abit :sweat_smile:


Seriously! The amount of incredibly obvious bugs that made it into 2.11 is ridiculous! And many of them STILL aren’t fixed! Is it that hard to give Group Cunning Impact a cooldown? More importantly, is it that hard to spot that it didn’t have one in the first place?


I’m in the same boat as everyone here. I really enjoyed the game for the longest to time but now it feels like I’m spinning in circles.

I’ll finally unlock unlock my last creature this week but it feels like a hollow victory since I had to skip grinding on meta creatures to pull it off and not spend every waking hour on the game when I’m not working.

I don’t have the endurance for raiding, PvP, and hunting all at once and my curated team that’s fun to play is holding me back from progressing any further. Even with my heavy amount of boosts on L30 creatures, I lose all the time to low level Phorurex. And its ridiculous swap moves.

Just yesterday I was up against L30 Max Scorpius and it wiped out my team after I took down two of theirs. I couldn’t even touch it. It’s like they were toying with me by saving it for last.

I still think we need an unboosted arena option or another way to earn daily battle incubators instead of having to put up with broken PvP.

New creatures are supposed to enhance the game but not rewrite the rules so drastically that they’re the only viable options anymore.

The ironic thing is that the endgame in most games is fun because you have power after grinding for so long that you built the stats and skills to tackle anything and really compete. But it’s the opposite here since everything requires $$$$$$$$, as if Ludia ever cared about anything else.


Great article.

I’m a high gyro/shores player. Last season I was lucky enough to have the DNA/coins/boosts to get both indot and phorurex to 30/30, so with them and the deer on my team, I broke into the top 200 for the first time. However, this season, everyone I’m fighting seems to have all of that stuff, plus scorp g3 and skoona, which I don’t have, and in the span of just a few weeks I’ve started feeling like my team is garbage. :laughing:

I’m still running max and a slow mortem, and they’re holding me back but I don’t have the resources to replace them. I have three fully-boosted level 30s benched and I refuse to strip their boosts and only get half back, so I’m kinda stuck. I’m seeing similar sentiments from others around my level. When even the top ~200 players can’t keep up with a game, that’s a problem.


Thanks for posting the article and helping articulate the intense frustration among the player base right now.

The current balancing strategy will be the end of the game, not just the casual players. Why would the big time and/or money investors stick around when there’s hardly anyone left to play with or against?

Maybe it’s Ludia’s exit strategy instead. The outrageous contempt they’ve shown for the player base in recent months certainly isn’t in the game’s long-term interest.


This was a major factor in why I quit. I stopped playing about 2 months ago, and that was due to Ludia’s lack of communication, caring, boosts, and poor gameplay decisions. Arena has been horrible for years, matchmaking gets worse and worse the more you play, and a single boost costing $20 USD is beyond ridiculous.

Over the past 3 years of playing this game, it started to feel less and less like a Jurassic World/Park game and more like a cheap cash grab that has dinosaurs and the JW logo. It’s disheartening to see a game with such a prestigious name not being given the best treatment.