Why Ludia’s Balancing Strategy Will Be the End of the Casual Experience

The boost shuffle will cause the unified or simplified meta. The balancing is required, but the boost shuffle is not necessary.

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casual player.
used to play daily for hours. battles were fun for a while and interesting. now… i can barely get myself to log in on a daily basis, even with the daily rewards being added. The game isn’t fun when every month, you have to adjust to a new meta shift on top of not being able to realocate resources when things drastically change. I’m still using creatures that were nerfed months ago because i just cant get enough boosts to replace what i lost. and no way am i doing a 50% refund because of it. Riding this game out until it dies. i’ve made some friends along the way. The writing is on the wall. JWA is now a heavy PTW/PTP cash grab. How long are the casual players going to put up with it before they all leave, causing the slaughter house to become a ghost town?


Ludia kills its games every movie. Park Builder died when JWTG came out. Seems they planned to kill JWA this year but Dominion got postponed so they are left with nothing to push their new cash grab.

Never playing another Ludia game after how bad this one went.


Why was this hidden? I mean, we all KNOW why, but seriously it isn’t profane or even rudely worded, you’re just conveying your experience truthfully.


I’ve been playing this game for 3 years, have never spent one dollar. Those who spend good money on this game? I think that’s hilarious :laughing:

However, I will watch more video ads if gets me a boost reshuffle

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Right now, the only thing I am really into is just the Apex raids now that I found I am able to beat them… by myself. Other than this, I have all the creatures and decent ones to team level. I can’t seem to get myself to do any PvP for now. I guess I am kind of toning down till the next update with new creatures, like they need more.

In reality, I’m hoping for group PvP to come along, like raids but against other player teams. I know it will be a slaughter house with the super boosted Thors, Tuora’s and many others used in raids. It will bring some new life to the game though and some life back to the forums here.

If you’re playing with random players, with no communication (and we know it’s not Ludia’s forte…) it will be extremely bad. And if you can select your 3 teammates, then, with the same usual “matchmaking”, I dread the day were we will have to fight 4 players from the Apex alliance…

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I’m hoping “Group PVP” would actually be a 1v1 where each player controls two dinos against their opponent’s two. Raids have proven that coordination between players using only in-game tools is a mess.


2 yr casual that raged quitted then came back after months an unhealthy amount of times. While everything in the article is true from a casual standpoint id like to point out that our phones/devices are also in a similar race to power creep because of how lazier each update is implemented. Ludia is prob just done and want to move on from it but theyre prob just milking it because of a contract w universal. Even if im somewhat ok w jwa put to rest to stop my somewhat addiction this is a terrible way to go out


If they expand the roster, that could make for some very interesting matchups and dangerous combinations.


Really good article. Many thanks for sharing this.

In my opinion the problem is much bigger than just powercreep and missing boost reset. Also it is not just the end of the casual experience but has started to impact the end-game players as well.

I was playing really active over years and yes, I even have spent money on the game. Have been able to stay in the Shores for a relatively long time and managed to do this without a “full meta” team. Rixis, Thyla, Entelolania, Grinch or even Tuora I was running in the Shores.
Such diversity mainly has died with the recent updates. Surviving in the Shores without Phoru, Testa, SR3, Skoona, IndoT or Rhino? Good luck…

But what bothers me even more is that most of the new creatures are designed in a way to make PVP a very frustrating and time consuming experience. I started to truly hate battling. While in the past I was grinding incubators for boosts and coins, today I am happy to have an inc running at all time.
Testa vs. Test? I just close the game. My time is too precious to watch this abnormality of a battle
Enemy swaps into SR3 and I do not have a good counter at hand? I just close the game too
Facing an Argenterix in a tournament without having a good counter? Again, I just close the game

Combine this with bad RNG and the frustration is perfect. Just today I have lost 4 battles in a row that I could not have lost with better RNG (Erliko got stunned, Testa got stunned, Spino got stunned, enemy Mrex crit).

Only way that could improve the experience for me would be to drop 2k+ trophies to get more diversity and to farm some easy incs. But sure, this will ruin the experience for others :slight_smile:


One of the first things you did is beat me with 3-0. Welcome back lol!



There is no point complaining to a deaf ear. Idk how long will i stick around yet but ill never touch another ludia game for sure. Aa Caleb said we’re just here out of boredom, habit, or stupidity. Could not agree more


Powercreep is certainly an issue and it makes it much harder to keep up without spending money on coin and boosts.

But a major issue is just as @Samzilla says, the nature of the creatures being created which make pvp so awful. When you are up against Testa with no counter, forget it and if you have your own Testa I hope you have the time to play out the battle. Hardly good fun and bound to upset more players and as for the flocks, the less said the better. The fact that the long necks are almost useless for anything other than the flocks makes it even worse.

Apex are now hopeless, and loads of us have them max boosted. Are we all willing to lose 15 boosts by reapplying them? I’m certainly not so I’ll settle for having a sub standard team until I get the chance to reapply them when I get the full value back. I don’t know if and when that may happen but f Ludia expect me to lose 50% of what I invested when they ruined Cera, Hadros and Morty they can forget it.

The problem as I see it is that there are enough players that will take that loss and Ludia know it. So they create counters for the dinos we boost, then nerf them too to compound the issue, and players strip the boosts and spend money on building and boosting the new meta leaving those who won’t do this behind.


Generally, your article makes a good job at sharing the community feelings. However, it’s a pity that you’ve missed part of the timeline along your discussion. Let’s analyse this picture:

The trend started earlier and I’d personally would have loved that you managed to include it in your article.
On that picture there’s a few creatures missing:

  • The Compis, a new fight mechanics that was supposed to be revolutionary. All whales rushed to create them in a very enthusiastic way. Very soon Compi flooded the arena to become outdated in less than 2 months.
  • Skoona, first creature in the “rework unplayable hybrids schedule” that went from “zero to hero” and was granted an additional upgrade to “super-hero” in less than a month.
  • The Deer, Testacornibus was the first on the “completely broke schedule”. After a month became “just a little OP but essential” in your team.

By including these, the picture would have been more accurate.

My opinion on why the game went that route has probably a lot to do with the new management of the company. It might turn out that they were trying to achieve some yearly goals. The trend might slow down from now on.

After the last few months all regular players are drained out of resources. Only whales and players using the modified version of the game are keeping up to date, unfortunately.


I was even suspended for a bit for it. Tried to get me for a month.


I do agree with praisebigboy about where the problem lies, but as some of us know, the solution won’t come from Ludia (anytime soon).

What can you do yourself to still enjoy the game? Many things actually! Here’s what I do:

Have no expectations.
Ludia won’t give you a boost shuffle, Ludia won’t give you what you think you are owed, Ludia won’t fix many bugs and Ludia won’t improve the game.
Where does this leave you? Know that you have less boosts available and accept that fact. Don’t spend them all and always keep a little stack for when you want to put a new creature in your team.

Expect any dino to become meta.
Maybe pterovexus will get that insane buff and suddenly everyone wants it! Anticipate for this, and try to save up its DNA as much as you can. Mine is 21, but it can be leveled to 30 already. I always put some of my focus to lvl21 uniques that can’t make it to 30 yet, just in case. When deer became meta, I could instantly level it to 29 and almost 30.

Expect a nerf on overpowered creatures.
Especially non-uniques. Monolometrodon sounds too good to be true? Maaaybe play it safe and not waste your resources on it. Do you really need to use it right now, very badly? There’s a good chance it will be bad in 2 months. Will you still level it if you know this is the case? And it happened with every single one of them. Rixis, monolo, indoraptor2, monomimus, etc. Dracoceratops as well, but that one just won’t die permanently…

Don’t waste resources
Keep some gold and boosts available for a rainy day.

(Don’t care so much)
It’s just a game.

The situation pictured by praise, and by me, is different for many player types.
People in shores; yes, apexes are useless
People in library/gyro: apexes are still useful
People below that: apexes are easy to get as very high level members of your team and often the best option
People below that where apex aren’t a thing yet: I have no idea what your game is like, but good luck…

Disclaimer: This is from a f2p player who played every day since launch, currently in mid gyro.


So much this.
If I dont have a Testa counter I dont mind too much because I’ve gotten pretty good at throwing battles, but when my opponent draws a Testa and marches it out against mine? Not even waving the white flag emoji and not digging in will help.
They will drag that battle out and there’s no way to throw it or forfeit.
I’ve contemplated just setting the phone down, but then I become the thing I hate. LOL


The only good news about Testa, is that I suspect many top players stopped using it because even if that was an almost sure win when they drew it, they could win way more games per hours without using it. I’m seeing less and less of that horror, so I’m happier now.


Until Ludia nerfs those top dinos or introduces new ones that are better. It’s a neverending cycle designed to separate users from their money.