Why Ludia’s Balancing Strategy Will Be the End of the Casual Experience

This exactly. I’ve seriously cut down my playing time. Why bother getting frustrated? And as the article says, screaming at the clouds does no good since the management at Ludia could care less about 99% of the player base.


Yes… It’s a matter of time unless things are made more equitable. I get that their business model is Pay-to-win games with “free” aspects to draw in casual gamers with the hope that they’ll convert to the paying kind… but the scales are so out of whack, the game is in danger of collapsing on itself.


Good article, painful it has to be written.
I think this is the 3rd time if not the 4th a serious heartfelt outcry is done by GP and as all previous times…. It isn’t just their opinion it’s the majority’s opinion.

I wrote it a long time ago…. If this was poker or chess then instead of adding some rules to make the game more challenging…. They just decide that the highest card or piece is now useless and another got its worth. And right when you’re about to adjust… it changes again and again and again. It’s not only frustrating and demotivating it’s become so complex that even new players turn to this forum cause they don’t understand all the different features, mechanics and rules and before they do…. All is flipped upside down again.

The fact that during a 3 hr scent and battling for my DBI I’m “reminded” 7 times (!!!) to become a VIP (again) kind of says it all. But seriously it’s called EARNING money for a reason and in its current severely bugged state and with so much stuff that needs to be fixed (some for over 2 years already) it’s just not worth the money. It just isn’t.

Ludia would be smart to start taking these post and letters and articles more serious and just hit the pause button on meta changes, move changes, mechanic changes, add ons, new creatures etc etc and address stuff that make this game unnecessarily complex (ingame chat, requests, raid invitations, lobby communication, online history, reduced damage numbers never changing back, move discrepancies, visual discrepancies, striketower moves that don’t match delay or cool-down etc etc etc) that and a better way to shift hard earned recourses around more easily.

Then and only then will I restart my VIP and not a day sooner.


Good, we need more interest right now. Assuming they (somehow) achieve balance via nerfing the top tiers instead of buffing literally everything else (which is more efficient anyway), then I don’t think anything would be more dangerous than what we currently have.

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And even both of these can perpetuate the problem. Buffs to different dinos or introducing new powerful dinos can still leave an “elite” tier of dinos that tower above everything else - just different dinos than what we see now. And nerfs if overdone or underdone can have the same effect, although I do generally favor nerfs as long as it leaves the nerfed dinos at the same strength as most of their rarity. That way no small group of dinos stands out so far above the rest.

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Great article, highlighting all the issues and clearly spelling out what is wrong…

Question is … How to fix it before the player base leaves? We’ve lost many players from our squad the last month or so, some had been with us for 4 years!!! FOUR YEARS…

But if the semi-casual player can’t compete, despite regular investment in cash and time… Why bother?


Let’s hope Ludia actually listens and takes our advice for once, please :pray:

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Yep. I agree with this article

this is now like a casino game.

free player can use it as a 3d model collection app, with a.r. feature and take nice shots.

or can spend some efforts to have some fun with some tournaments and some raids.

but if you are talking about arena competitiveness, as a free player? well… no fun at all:

  • you can’t select your 4 creatures, but randomize with 8. less player control.
  • you can’t choose your opponent, can be someone weaker or stronger than you, less player control.
  • your maximum rank is aviary craziness or pay the money to go beyond. your effort has a limit here, if you have a life outside the game.
  • your recent unlocked great creature is going to be trash next week if you didn’t pay to unlock/upgrade/boost it last month.

jwa arena is a very unfair competitive system, where your efforts are constantly punished leaving money to dominate every season.

tournaments were a part of the game where everyone could have a chance at the end, but ludia opted to benefit money again, making final week exactly as arena. so once again your efforts have a limit.

honestly i stoppet to care about managing teams, upgrade or boost creatures or hunting.
why? to have zero results? to see my effort being thrown to garbage can? or to climb 30 trophies in aviary after long upgrading my dinos by 10 levels?

30 trophies doesn’t worth hours of hunting instead of playing another good game.

and if this current strategy is what is giving money to ludia, good luck! they won’t change.

i only wish they manage to give us better tournaments, where free players can be competitive. specially if they find a solution to speed tier, allowing people from every country compete in such situation. and not releasing broken creatures that make battles last 15 minutes (hello argenteryx, testacornibus…).

but arena? no, thanks. good game for whales. :wink:

PS: yes, i would agree with ads for a better free to play system.


Agree with everything you said
Best description of current situation


:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :rofl: :joy: Sadly, I’d say the odds of that are Zero. Point. Zero.


Unfortunately true to say the least, honestly.

  • RNG to make sure you never know if your creature will: stun, swap out, crit, dodge or cloak……


What does the Ludia team think about this topic?

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i forgot to mention this:

Remember that time Ludia nerfed Sacrorixis and Monolomentrodon after community outcry, and provided a boost shuffle event to allow people to adapt to the changes?

i can read literally “after community outcry” and not meaning “because of community outcry”.

sorry, but i honestly don’t believe ludia does or did anything because community asked.

dracoceratops shown us that ludia devs do whatever they want and when they want. it was about a full year with “community outcry” and we have dozens of threads here to remember us.

recent broken creatures or “balancing” updates, or everlasting bugs, all these teach us that: ludia team does all purposely.

i once said here: a 12 years child can use jwa toolbox and realize their new creature is outperforming or not. a ludia dev could do it in one working day. it would be too much for me to believe they do all this “mistakes” monthly.

maybe it’s just business strategy. :man_shrugging:


For me it’s ironic to pop back up in the forums and find this thread, I posted something right before my 2 month ban from the site regarding my thoughts that the game had become a vacuum of time with no return on investment and 3 weeks ago I walked away. The strange thing for me is the longer I go without playing the more I realize the game was wasting my energy. I promise if you uninstall JWA and redirect yourself you’ll soon see the game for what it is, a greedy developer of a lackluster product that had enough potential to keep you hoping but not payed you back


Love this, right here :point_up: :orange_heart:

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It’s very interesting how following this community input, the first news we get about the next patch confirm that the “fear of power creep” is not tuning down but increasing a lot. I know that the patch was ready before the article, but it comes to confirm that the trend is not going away, but only is getting worse and worse.

As of now, none of us will feel safe to upgrade uniques beyond 25, because they might become ingredients for new fusable Apex. There’s also confirmation that there will be no boosts reset. That might never happen again.

So what are we supposed to do with the game? If we cannot really enjoy it, the only step forward is uninstall, isn’t it? :woman_shrugging:


We never got confirmation there won’t be a boost reset. We just have seen anything saying we will actually get one.