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Why Ludia tells us to Hunt Concavenator, and not the other two?

A new carnivore hybrid made of concavenator will be announced soon?

or…just want to have fun with all of us?

They usually make an announcement each day for each epic, this is nothing new or out of the ordinary. Tomorrow they’ll likely make another one for pteronadon or raja.


Tomorrow is the special dinos and strike events

just finished the event…1 conca and 8 birds

New hybrid, like the last useless new hybrid.

Pretty odd choice, but it’s your game! :stuck_out_tongue: Hope you don’t end up regretting it.

i am guessing two possible hybrids are coming according to previous events.

Pteranodon + Alankylosaurus = a bird tank with invincibility, shield, counter attack and speed

Conca + Brachio = tank with shattering counter attack, shield and bellow, speed around 108 to 109

Answer: Because they want us to collect the red herring.
They make more cash that way.

Seriously, think about that and everything you know about how Ludia has conducted this game.

There’s your answer.

I really wish I were wrong. (Yes, that is the intended tense)

I was snowed in and had 1 event spot within range of my house. Got what I could and 2 were concavonator