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Why Ludia? Why are the events such garbage now?

Look at this.


I don’t want to appear too naive, but what are the other chests besides the usual?

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That’s part of something Ludias including for the rest of the month, a special treasure hunt.

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If anything that’s probably the only good thing this week along with the epic strikes.

Hmm not great week tbh, but PURUTAURUS! Wooo that will be good for me!

Also Spinotaraptor is the epic strike tower reward.


It’s rubbish. Not ourrataurs, I mean the week


That’s your opinion. I accept it, you accept mine.


I don’t agree that they’re useless. There are new people who play this game who have need for what higher level players may think of as useless. I’m level 20, but still like to add to my DNA stockpile. If new players aren’t added and given a reason to stay, the game dies. Not everyone thinks it is dead or should die.


True… but most do


Wound? So where’s Darwin, the wounder that we need the most of? Does it really need to be locked behind the Pterosaur event?

This game is getting stale, even for me. I can never get the dinos I need anymore, and I’m chock full of all of these…


Purataurus I’ve the rest of the week off

Possibly will dart the common chicken

I picked a good week to change from being a daily player to a casual player at best.

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Wound is for strike tower so I think we can get him on them no ?

For many I would think this is a good week.

Two arena exclusive commons, Kapro/Posti are two highly requested creatures and take your pick from the Epic. Then the 15-minute coin chests!


Some people won’t be satisfied unless it’s T-Rex and Erlidominus every single week.

I need Postosuchis and Postimetrodon so this week is awesome for me.

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Yeah i like the look of this week i had to restart and im just being choked at the staleness in arena 2 and 3.

I’ll take that Kapro and the wound incubators.
Edit: Wait, is that a themed scent I see there?

Not a trilling week, but DNA is DNA.

Yes, it’s like an Anky or something like that.